An interactive web page to promote the use of sustainable river freight in London

The challenge

Cross River Partnership is a partnership working to address sustainability challenges collaboratively in London and beyond by delivering environmental, economic and community-focused projects. One of their key priorities is encouraging the use of the River Thames to ease congestion and pollution on London’s roads and raise awareness for the river’s potential for freight.

To support this work, an engaging and interactive webpage was needed to host and disseminate information, boost awareness, and facilitate opportunities for collaboration with key stakeholders.

One of the key requirements for the webpage was to act as an interactive map of the River Thames for businesses interested in using the river for deliveries, as well as details of key contacts that operate along the river. The webpage also needed to be a hub for information, news and case studies, displayed in an easy-to-use and accessible format.

With the objectives mapped out, we got to work on helping Cross River Partnership realise their vision.



  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • UX design
  • Web design & build
  • UX & QA testing
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The solution

First up, using a fresh colour palette, we created a series of illustrations and a hero animation as the webpage’s main stylistic visuals. These were crafted to showcase the key stages of a delivery’s journey and animated in order to achieve a smooth, continuous loop to give users an engaging and visually compelling way of digesting key information.

We then layered the webpage with an interactive contact database with flexible filtering to improve user experience and ensure valuable details were easy to find.

Turning to internal usability, we established a flexible structure that would enable website editors to build and change the site in a simple CMS, giving greater autonomy and adaptability. Finally, Google Analytics was integrated to give the team valuable data to better understand their user’s on-site behaviour.

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Thank you to the Studio Republic team for creating the CRP's Thames Directory site! The team were professional and organised throughout. We've ended up with a site which is on brand and will hopefully prove useful for CRP's local authority and Business Improvement District partners, and those interested in using river freight in London.

Rachael Aldridge

Communications Project Manager

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