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Enhance your website’s UX and align user needs with business goals through data-driven insights and recommendations from our UX Audits. Uncover usability issues and improve user understanding to inform impactful updates.

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Why our UX Audit exists

We understand the vital role your website plays in your success, requiring continual evaluation and enhancement. Our UX Audit identifies pain points and usability issues, comprehensively covering aspects such as information architecture, layout, accessibility, visual design, and technical performance. Our goal is simple: to pinpoint what isn't working and address it through strategic, data-backed enhancements, aligning with your objectives and audience needs. Together, we'll pave the way for ongoing digital growth, creating a roadmap for updates that will transform your website into a powerful tool that serves your growing audience.
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“Our UX Audit is designed to elevate your website's user experience by proactively identifying areas for improvement, backed by data to create a more intuitive and converting site that better serves your audiences.”

Harley Southwick, UX Lead

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What are the benefits of our UX Audit?

Enhanced user experience

By addressing pain points and refining usability, our audit helps transform your website into an intuitive, engaging platform, creating loyalty and user satisfaction through updates driven by their feedback.

Data-driven decision making

Our research yields valuable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions that positively impact your digital strategy, aligning internal objectives, whilst also growing the relationship with your users.

Increased conversion rates

Strategic enhancements drive higher conversion rates, such as donations, membership sign ups and volunteer participation, facilitating more valuable interactions and revenue generation.

Competitive advantage

Staying at the forefront of UX trends, best practices and technology will set you apart from competitors and showcase your commitment to providing the best possible online experience for your users.

Align with business goals

Our service ensures your website evolves in line with business objectives, proactively enhanced based on data-driven insights to drive digital strategy forward, maximising your long-term success.

Sustainable growth

Working in this user-centric way ensures the sustainable evolution of your website, adapting to changing needs, technologies, and user expectations without the need for costly redesigns.

It is designed for...

Charities & nonprofits

Do you want to increase user engagement? Our UX Audit can boost donations, sign-ups and information accessibility, to increase engagement and support for your mission.

A data-driven approach

Could data insights help you achieve better results? Our UX Audit identifies what isn’t working and why to guide strategic updates, removing opinions, assumptions and biases.

Fixing usability issues

Do people say your website is difficult to use? Our UX Audit uncovers and addresses usability and accessibility issues, with prioritised recommendations to fix them.

User-centric decisions

Do you want to serve your users better? Our UX Audit enables you to make informed decisions that prioritise user satisfaction, helping to align internal decision making to user needs.

Disorganised websites

Is you information architecture a bit of a mess?Our UX Audit helps to identify and rectify organisation issues, enhancing user flow and overall site usability.

Broken user journeys

Is your website difficult to navigate? Through research, our UX Audit identifies and offers solutions to broken user journeys, leading to seamless interactions and conversions.

How much does our UX Audit cost?

The cost of each project depends on the scope and size of the audit undertaken. Our 3 tiers below indicate estimated costs depending on your needs from the review. Book a free video call to discuss which type of review might be right for you.

Essential audit

For auditing small websites or a specific user journey, the Essential Audit offers a foundational assessment of your user experience to provide essential insights and prioritised recommendations.

Up to £8k

  • Foundational assessment for smaller websites
  • Also appropriate for analysis of specific user journeys
  • Identifies usability issues and key improvement areas
  • Essential insights to guide strategic enhancements
  • Prioritised recommendations to enhance the UX

Comprehensive audit

For medium to large websites and multiple user journeys the Comprehensive Audit, conducts a thorough UX examination with in-depth analysis and actionable recommendations for optimising your user experience.


  • Thorough examination for medium to large websites
  • Appropriate for the analysis of multiple user journeys
  • In-depth analysis of the UX across various sections
  • Actionable insights to optimise user flows and enhance overall user satisfaction
  • Identifies usability issues and provides detailed prioritised recommendations to elevate the UX

Advanced audit

For large websites with multiple complex user journeys, the Advanced Audit offers an elite evaluation of your website’s user experience, with advanced testing and strategic prioritised recommendations.


  • Elite evaluation created for large websites with multiple complex user journeys
  • Advanced testing methodologies employed for a complete UX analysis
  • Designed to optimise UX and maximise engagement
  • Ideal for organisations seeking detailed insights to really enhance their UX
  • Strategic prioritised recommendations to address usability issues and take your UX to the next level

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Find out if you need a UX Audit!

Take 5 minutes to answer our 10 question quiz to discover if you would benefit from a UX Audit.

FAQs about our UX Audit

You may benefit from a UX Audit if you are experiencing or are starting to notice any of the following signs:

  • High bounce rates or low conversion rates on your website
  • Negative feedback from users regarding usability issues or frustrations
  • Poor navigation structure making information difficult to find
  • Broken user journeys
  • Unorganised content
  • Lack of alignment between user expectations and website performance
  • Have a limited understanding of user’s behaviours and preferences
  • Planning a website redesign or major updates
  • Desire to enhance user experience and drive business goals effectively

Our UX Audit can provide valuable insights into these areas and help you identify opportunities for improvement, ensuring that your website meets user needs and achieves your organisational objectives effectively.

Take our ‘Find out if you need a UX Audit’ quiz to quickly discover if you may need a UX Audit.

Our UX Audit is valuable at any stage of your website’s lifecycle. Whether you’re launching a new site, planning a redesign, or seeking to improve an existing site, a UX Audit provides crucial insights into usability issues, user needs, and areas for improvement. It’s also beneficial for organisations aiming to enhance their user experience understanding, adopt a data-driven approach, boost user engagement, and drive conversions. Ultimately, a UX audit ensures that your website aligns with user expectations and organisational goals. Consider integrating it as a regular part of your website strategy.

Take our ‘Find out if you need a UX Audit’ quiz to quickly discover if you may need a UX Audit.

Our typical UX Audit process usually takes between 2 to 3 months to complete. This timeframe allows us to gather comprehensive data through various user research methods, including surveys, interviews, and usability testing. By investing sufficient time in data collection and analysis, we ensure that our recommendations are actionable and tailored to address your specific needs and challenges effectively.

  1. Take our ‘Find out if you need a UX Audit’ quiz to quickly discover if a UX Audit may be right for you.
  2. Define your goals: Clearly outline what you aim to achieve with your website and what specific issues or challenges you want to address through conducting a UX audit.
  3. Gather relevant data: Compile existing user feedback, analytics data, and any previous usability studies or reports related to your website.
  4. Identify key stakeholders: Determine who within your organisation will be involved in the audit process and ensure their availability and gather their insight. Representation from various teams may be required to ensure that the outcome of the review meets the objectives of your organisation.
  5. Prepare for collaboration: Be ready to collaborate closely with our team, providing insights, answering questions, and participating in feedback sessions as needed. Take our ‘Find out if you need a UX Audit’ quiz to get in the headspace of the kind of questions we’ll be asking you.
  6. Keep an open mind: Approach the UX Audit process with openness and willingness to explore potential areas for improvement, even if they may challenge existing assumptions or practices you may have.
  7. Book a call with our UX Lead: Once you feel prepared, book a call with Harley, our UX Lead to further discuss your website and our UX Audit can help improve your website’s performance.

By taking these steps, you can help ensure a smooth and productive UX Audit process that yields actionable insights and recommendations for enhancing your website’s user experience.

Our UX Audit can cover various areas of your website, depending on your specific needs and objectives. It can be tailored to focus on specific user journeys, features, or pages, providing targeted insights into areas of concern. Alternatively, it can encompass a comprehensive review of the entire site, examining aspects such as navigation, layout, accessibility, visual design, and technical performance. Our approach is flexible and customisable, allowing us to address your unique requirements and budget constraints effectively. Whether you require a deep dive into specific areas or a broader overview of your site’s user experience, we can tailor the audit to meet your needs and deliver actionable recommendations for improvement.

Book a call with Harley, our UX Lead to further discuss your website and our UX Audit to chat about what areas of your site we can review.

The recommendations from the UX Audit are actionable and prioritised based on their impact on your website’s user experience. They may include specific improvements to address usability issues, enhance accessibility, optimise user flows, or improve overall design consistency. These recommendations are tailored to your unique needs and goals, providing practical guidance for enhancing your website’s effectiveness and user satisfaction. Additionally, recommendations can be presented as individual projects or integrated into larger initiatives, depending on your preferences and priorities. Our goal is to provide you with clear, actionable insights that empower you to make informed decisions and drive meaningful improvements to your website.

Recommendations from the UX Audit can be implemented in various ways, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. They may be broken down into individual projects, addressing specific areas of improvement, or integrated into a larger website redesign and development project. Some recommendations may be quick wins that you can implement independently, while others may require our expertise for implementation.

Upon completion of the audit, we provide a suggested roadmap for phased implementation, outlining the recommended steps and priorities. For larger projects, recommendations may form part of the wider website redesign and development process. In such cases, we collaborate closely with our UX, design, and development teams to scope out and execute the agreed implementations efficiently and effectively in collaboration with the client.

At Studio Republic, we are committed to ensuring that our recommendations are translated into tangible improvements that enhance your website’s user experience and align with your organisational goals. Whether it’s implementing quick wins or embarking on a larger-scale project, we work closely with you to ensure that the implementation process is smooth, transparent, and ultimately delivers results that exceed your expectations.

The timeline for seeing results from implementing UX Audit recommendations can vary depending on the complexity of the recommendations and the scope of implementation. Some quick wins will see immediate improvements, such as resolving critical usability issues.

For larger-scale projects such as big changes to user journeys or full website redesigns, results may take longer to materialise as implementation progresses. However, you can expect to see incremental improvements over time as the recommendations are implemented and the user experience evolves.

We work closely with our clients to establish realistic timelines and milestones for implementation, ensuring that progress is tracked and measured effectively through data, whether that be Google Analytics reports or further usability testing or surveys. Our goal is to deliver tangible results that positively impact your website’s user experience and align with your organisational goals, ultimately driving improved engagement, conversions, and overall success.

Our UX Audit case studies

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Are you ready to amplify your UX?

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