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Creative for good.

We’ve wanted our work to be genuinely in-line with our collective conscience for as long as we can remember. Although we’ve been going for over 16 years, we’ve focused our attention on ethically-minded businesses, charities, and nonprofit organisations exclusively for the past two. Having found success, we now let our Creative for good ethos guide each new client we choose to work with - and it’s a decision we are all proud to stand by.

Our story.

The Republic began life back in 2003 as a digital resource for local agencies that needed help. For the fourteen years that followed, we grew our team, built intuitive websites and designed beautiful brands, but we also felt a lack of passion creeping into our work. We loved the creativity, we just didn’t always believe in who and what we were doing it for.

At a similar time, one of the founding partners decided to step out of the business and Chris invited Jack to step-up and lead the business forward together. But now, they would lead it with purpose.

Enter, Creative for Good - a simple proposition that captures our true ambition.

Our Creative for Good ethos is just that. We don’t work for work’s sake any more. It doesn’t fulfil us as humans and we know that if our work isn't making a positive impact in what it seeks to achieve, then it's likely part of the problem. Yes, we make sure our team is paid for their hard work every month, but we also make sure that the people and organisations we invest our energy into are as passionate about creating change as we are.

Sixteen years later, our story is just beginning and we’ll continue to be as transparent about the pitfalls and progress we make along the way. A big part of that is sharing the story of our sustainability journey so we can be the best example for others.

Our mission is to make a positive impact with every partnership.

The way we achieve that mission is by working with change-makers and purpose-driven organisations that give a sh*t about making more than just profit.

Our People

All of our planet-positive professionals have big agency and big brand experience. In Republic partnerships, we collaborate and communicate as a true extension of our clients’ team.

Jack De Wolf
Commercial Director
Rebecca Hare
Operations Director
Chris Todhunter
Technical Director
Fleurie Forbes-Martin
Business Growth Director
Halina Myers
Sustainability Lead
Harley Southwick
Creative Lead
Jamie Burton
Technical Lead
Jake Cruse
Matt Wyatt
Front End Developer
Jonny Snow
Junior Developer
Dan Benham
Account Manager
Chris Lewis
Project Manager
Dan Willis
Strategy Lead
Aryion Petrelle
Dan Bee
Office dog

Careers at the Republic

If you're a creative or digital freelancer or you’d like to find out about future opportunities, you’re welcome to send your CV through to our Directors at hello@studiorepublic.com. We'll put your details on file or, if you have something we’ve been looking for, we’ll be in touch.

Dear recruiters, we kindly ask you to withhold sending any unrequested communications.
You are valued partners when we need you, but we don’t need you right now.

Winchester Digital Marketing & Web Development AgencyWinchester Digital Marketing & Web Development Agency

“From our very first meeting, your vision and creativity bowled us over. Thanks to your clear, strong design and highly user-friendly conversion mechanisms, in the first month, we had double the number of online donations compared to the previous year. You have transformed how we view our website and the results we are getting from it.”

Jessica Oliver, Head of Fundraising at Step By Step

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