An expressive and hopeful new brand for leading childhood cancer charity, Children with Cancer UK

The challenge

For the last 35 years, Children with Cancer UK has been working tirelessly to fund life-saving cancer research and provide dedicated emotional and financial support to families dealing with childhood cancer.

To date, Children with Cancer UK has raised over £300 million, invested almost £10 million in family homes near hospitals, and hosted ‘amazing days out’ for 75,000+ patients and their families. Yet, despite their incredible impact, the charity was still relatively unknown. So, with their 35-year milestone approaching and following the appointment of Jo Elvin as CEO, Children with Cancer UK felt it was time to change this by refreshing its visual identity.

Having worked with the Still Curious team to develop a clearly defined strategy, we were approached to form a bold visual identity that would elevate the charity’s presence and align with its vision of a world where every child survives cancer.

  • Brand identity
  • Motion design
  • Art direction
Image for A toddler is smiling while looking out the window from the comfort of their indoor space.

The solution

Children with Cancer UK challenged us to make a statement with the new identity that would move away from the existing brand and conventions of the sector.

Using this as our objective, we took initial creative inspiration from a comment made by Jo, suggesting that the brand mark itself should feel like it’s offering support. This idea sparked the creation for what would ultimately be the final mark; two arms enveloping the text in a supportive embrace. The embrace not only signifying the charity’s breadth of purpose, but also encapsulating its role in providing hope and support for children and their families experiencing childhood cancer.

This became the linchpin of the identity, acting as a frame for photography, key messaging and the basis for repeating patterns and textural elements, forming a bold and hopeful brand for the charity.

Image for Two people embrace, framed by the arm device created as part of the Children with Cancer UK charity branding
Image for A person stands next to a sign.
Image for
Image for In this image, children with cancer UK are presenting their brand guidelines
Image for A person is jumping in the air.