Empowering Duchenne UK to become the number one charity battling Duchenne

The challenge

Duchenne UK have one clear goal, to end Duchenne forever. That presents unique challenges as the charity often evolves and moves as they seen new possible avenues opening up before them that could aid them in reaching that goal. The challenge then becomes, how can one charity service the need for insight and knowledge from the scientific community and look like an authority in that arena whilst also feeling like a welcoming community for parents and families affected by the disease itself? Wrap all of that with the need to promote multiple partnerships, sister strands of the business and a campaigning arm to raise funds and a new brand and website becomes a much more challenging task that your average charity needs.



  • Brand identity & application
  • Web design & development
  • Animation
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The solution

Duchenne UK may not have realised it, but they operate to the power of three. Three main streams to the organisation, three key asks and three core user groups. Recognising this gave our design team the ability to evolve a brand system that could adapt over the website as a whole, enabling each user group to easily identify where they are in their user journey and whether this content was intended for them. This mechanism expanded across all brand application to create a website that feels authoritative yet welcoming and scientific yet human.

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The impact

increase in donation traffic
reduction in
bounce rate
adaptability across multiple applications
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What really stood out was not just how passionate they were about their own work, but how passionate they were about our work as a charity too. Having this level of intertest and insight has meant that they were able to really understand what our beneficiaries, website users and supporters needed from a website and brand.

Amy Littleton

Head of Marketing and Fundraising