Empowering young cancer survivors to rebuild their confidence

The challenge

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust helps to rebuild young lives after recovering from cancer through sailing trips and activities. Although they benefit from Dame Ellen MacArthur’s name, one of the biggest challenges they faced was a lack of enquiries and donations coming through the website due to the over complex user interface. Rather than simply respond to the brief, it was important to collaborate with the client in a consultative scoping process to determine the user-focused challenge they faced when it came to digital engagement. We determined that there were two key audience groups (rather than the briefed eight), allowing us to focus on building user journeys that would increase their impact in this young community.

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  • Digital transformation
  • Bespoke web design & development
  • CRO & SEO
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The solution

The solution was an audience and UX-led wireframing process with a user interface design that expressed the energy and passion reflected in the everyday work of The Ellen MacArthur team. By distilling the focus to two audience groups, we could drive more value in the online experience for the end user. This included bringing their post-trip feedback system online through SalesForce integration, enabling trip attendees to easily share feedback on their phone. A new future-proof website was born, centred around an enjoyable user experience from beginning to end which helped to maximise donations, volunteer enquiries and crucially – activity bookings.

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Increase in donations
Increase in size of donations
Increase in organic search


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Ongoing updates

Since the launch of the site we have continued to make updates to the website as a result of data analysis and the identification of key conversion points for the trust, including increasing newsletter sign ups and increasing volunteer enquiries. Building the website in a modular format allows these new modules to easily be added to the site as it grows.

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It's been a real pleasure to work with Studio Republic on our new website. We had two really specific needs around recruiting more young people and removing some of the barriers around them joining a trip and like all charities, continuing to raise funds. Our new site has answered those two call to actions really well. We're really delighted with it. We'd highly recommend working with the team.

Frank Fletcher

CEO, Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust