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Putting the public's call for a cleaner, greener future in front of politicians

The challenge

At COP26, the government’s decisions on climate change action would drastically impact community work to preserve green spaces across the country. It was clear there was strength in numbers so in order to ensure the public were heard by policy makers, there was an urgent need for organisations and individuals to come together to form a unified voice. The challenge was to inspire as many people as possible to add their voice and take a stand in support of resilient recovery to create a healthier, safer world. TCC required a snappy campaign website which attracted and converted businesses, community groups and people from all walks of life to make a pledge and send a strong message to the Prime Minister to take action.

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  • Web design & development
  • Conversion rate optimisation
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The solution

The Time Is Now campaign was formed. Our friendly brand identity inspired the public to sign the declaration by presenting the campaign as community-led, accessible and inclusive. Powered by a website, we provided a clear pathway to unearth information about the situation before guiding visitors through an easy sign-up form to make their pledge. We also created a kit of digital banners for partner organisations – including National Trust, Women’s Institute, Oxfam, and RSPB – to promote the campaign. As declarations were made by individuals, businesses & organisations and community groups, we added a totaliser function so that the growth of the movement could be tracked in real-time. This was also demonstrated through a heat map of the UK which showed the regions of the UK that has the most pledges. All declaration forms gathered data securely and in compliance with GDPR to maximise trust of the campaign. This assurance not only increased the number of sign-ups but drastically grew The Climate Coalition’s email database.


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Studio Republic is a fantastic team to work with - they are passionate about the causes they work on and bring energy and creativity to the project. They brilliantly executed our brief to create a flagship website for The Time Is Now campaign. Their ability to innovate at speed without compromising on quality really came through when we needed an interactive tool as part of a reactive green recovery action for supporters.

Beth Surgenor-Aldridge

Digital Campaigns and Communications Manager at The Climate Coalition

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