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The Challenge

London Cycling Campaign is a 11,500-strong membership charity that gives everyone who cycles or wants to cycle, a voice in Greater London. The impact of their work results in more cyclists safely taking to the streets and changing perceptions on cycling as a solution to many of the transportation, health and sustainability issues in London. The charity faced a huge communication challenge because their website was out-of-date and unmanageable, drastically affecting its performance as the central location for member-facing operations. Without improving this, it would continue to disrupt their ability to expand their membership base and continue their great work.


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  • Strategic planning
  • Brand identity
  • Bespoke web design & development
  • CRO & SEO
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The solution

We empowered the client with the ability to manage the site in line with user needs by redesigning and building the site from scratch. A huge challenge with their existing site was managing the scale-up and scale-down in line with campaigning, donation drives and various other needs at any given time. The solution was building a site using modules, so that they could update and change their site easily. We also expanded the site’s user-led capabilities to make it the ultimate go-to destination for cyclists in London. We designed an interactive map that enabled users to find cycle clubs, events, cycle shops and hire stations across the city – pulling data from Transport for London, Google and their own database. We also streamlined their previously lengthy donation process which not only increased conversion rates, but built a full end-to-end optimised experience for the visitors looking to support them.


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