A secure, accessible and integrated website for The Magistrates' Association rebrand

The challenge


The Magistrates’ Association (MA) are an independent, national charity and the only membership body for magistrates in England and Wales. The charity’s mission is to work with – and on behalf of – its members to promote the sound administration of the law by informing policy and practice, providing support and guidance to magistrates, and informing the public about the magistracy and the wider justice system.

After going through a period of significant change refreshing its brand, strengthening its reputation, and improving member offer and engagement, The Magistrates’ Association needed an accessible website design that would support its overarching aim to re-grow its membership numbers. So we got to work on planning the creation of a website that would have:

  • Enhanced and seamless user experience for website visitors
  • A more visually appealing and on-brand website design
  • Improved site navigation
  • More interactive, relevant and searchable content



  • UX design
  • Brand application
  • Web design & build
  • UX & QA testing
Image for An image of a laptop displaying the Magistrates' Association accessible website design.

The solution


After identifying key points and areas for improvement, we worked closely with The Magistrates’ Association and their brand agency to explore their newly developed brand guidelines. This gave us a strong basis to adapt and tailor the key elements to a digital setting that would be visually compelling and functional. This also ensured consistency and brand recognition across the whole site in a way that blended seamlessly with the site restructure.

Taking advantage of the bold and “relentlessly relevant” brand messaging and visual identity, we developed interactive elements and graphical devices with an accessibility-first approach. This gave the website an extra boost for engagement while providing an inclusive experience for users.

The upgraded changes resulted in a secure, integrated and accessible website design, delivering a quality experience for users. Members could now enjoy a more intuitive interface that made information easier to find, whilst also giving The Magistrates’ Associations’ team greater in-house CMS to support future growth.

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Image for An image of a laptop displaying the Magistrates' Association accessible website design.
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