Elevating an impact accelerator investing in the future of agrifoodtech solutions

The challenge

GROW, a global agrifoodtech investor, recognised the need for a bold new brand and website that would resonate with their diverse audience. The identity needed refinement, elevation and structure with a bolder visual style that would support their mission and future growth. The website was outdated, inflexible and simply wasn’t serving the needs of the organisation or its users. Our focus was to prioritise user experience, accessibility, and flexibility, creating a brand and website that championed sustainable impact.


  • UX design
  • Brand development
  • Animation
  • Web design & build
  • UX & QA testing
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The solution

Drawing inspiration from the conceptual idea of ‘Future Organic,’ we embarked on a journey to elevate GROW’s brand identity. Our goal was to create a modern and progressive identity that truly resonated with their mission of driving innovation in the agrifoodtech sector. To achieve this, we focused on enhancing various elements such as typography, colour, imagery, and graphical elements, ensuring they reflected GROW’s forward-thinking approach. The new identity not only conveyed GROW’s commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge solutions but also acted as a visual representation of their dedication to shaping the future of agriculture.

In addition to refreshing the brand identity, we paid special attention to the user experience on their website. Understanding the diverse needs of GROW’s audience, we tailored specific user journeys, modules, and UI elements to guide, inform, and convert visitors at multiple points throughout the site. Our aim was to create an intuitive and seamless browsing experience, ensuring that users could easily access the information they sought and engage with GROW’s initiatives effectively. We applied the newly developed identity to the website wireframe, employing a modular approach to ensure flexibility and ease of use for the GROW team. This allowed them to update and modify content effortlessly, keeping the website dynamic and up-to-date with their latest news and projects.

The final result was a bold and user-centric website that embodied GROW’s core values of sustainable impact. The ‘Future Organic’ concept was brought to life through the thoughtfully designed interface, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and reinforcing GROW’s position as a trailblazer in the agrifoodtech industry. The updated brand identity and user-friendly website have enabled GROW to amplify its impact and further accelerate the adoption of groundbreaking solutions to shape a sustainable and prosperous future for global agriculture.

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We couldn't be more excited and proud of the new brand identity and website you've helped us create. I'm so grateful for the efforts and brilliance of the Studio Republic team, the outcome is beautiful and the process to get there was too. Thank you for guiding us through it, I really have enjoyed working with you all.

Cassidy Clark

Programme and Marketing Associate