Unleashing a re-energised brand and website for social enterprise and physical activity advocates, ActiveMe 360

The challenge

ActiveMe 360 is a fast-moving social enterprise committed to changing lives through the power of physical activity. With big ambitions and a team brimming with passion, they came to us for a brand refresh and website overhaul that would fully align with their values, services and unbound energy.

Our challenge was threefold. Firstly, we needed to refine and elevate the existing visual identity, adding structure and consistency and encompassing the individual department identities. Secondly, we needed to define a user-focused information architecture and sitemap focused on serving the right content to site users. Lastly, we needed to combine the refreshed brand and site structure to develop an impactful, accessible and effective website.

  • UX design
  • Brand development
  • Animation
  • Web design & build
  • UX & QA testing
Image for An open laptop set on grass, showing the newly developed website of social enterprise ActiveMe 360

The solution

Through the combination of a detailed brand audit, gaining insights through a brand workshop, and carrying out competitor analysis, we were able to identify several clear areas of opportunity for brand development. This included ‘owning’ and amplifying the existing colour palette, whilst creating a robust and accessible system for adaptable colour use across departments. We also introduced a distinctive new typeface with inherent personality, playfulness and energy, matching the values of ActiveMe 360. Inspired by the design of the staff uniforms, we also created a new, flexible layered-point device, further supporting a sense of movement while acting as a signpost for the colour-coded departments.

Next, we focused our attention on the website design and development. We undertook a comprehensive UX workshop to understand key requirements and get to know ActiveMe 360’s target audiences. From this, we created a user-focused site structure, with more clearly defined department naming and logical user journeys for a positive site experience. Full wireframes were developed – showing how each component, module and page would work – enabling thorough testing and client approval.

The final step was to build a flexible, accessible and usable site that seamlessly integrated the newly established brand. As our CMS of choice, the site was developed on WordPress with HTML, CSS and Javascript functionality. To enable ActiveMe 360 to better understand their user’s behaviour, we also implemented Google Analytics (GA4) to track and capture valuable data. Before launch, full browser testing, user acceptance testing (UAT) and quality assurance (QA) was completed, resulting in a user-friendly website with a stand-out look.

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Image for An example of the typographic details of the newly developed brand of social enterprise ActiveMe 360
Image for A person holding a mobile phone, viewing the newly developed website of social enterprise ActiveMe 360
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