Creative for Good · What does it mean to us and our clients?

23rd January 2018


What does 'Creative for Good' mean?

In December Studio Republic celebrated our 14th Birthday in our Winchester office with some of our favourite people at a Winchester Creatives evening. During the evening we unveiled our new look website which are now pleased to say is officially live.

Studio Republic has come along way over the past 14 years and we have established ourselves as an ethical creative digital agency. On the evening, Chris explained the direction of the agency with with a short but sweet (and slightly unrehearsed) speech:

“We've been fortunate to have dealt with many like minded clients over the years and we want to continue to align ourselves with ethical businesses, not-for-profits (NFPs), and charities. We're in a strong position along with a growing team as we move into 2018 and I'm excited to see what we can achieve by helping our clients whilst strengthening our foothold as an ethical creative digital agency."

Why ‘Creative for Good’?

Studio Republic was born out of Chris' desire to create an agency that fitted with his beliefs and ethics. Chris explains:

“As the business has grown into a successful agency, we have the luxury of being able to choose the clients and projects we take on, ensuring that our focus is still on working with people we like and respect. Historically, this has meant working within a range of sectors but in the last five years we have worked more and more with charities and not-for-profit enterprises (NFPs). By their very nature, these organisations tend to be a great fit for Studio Republic, and this has led to us taking the decision to make this our main focus. After much head scratching, we settled on our three word mission statement ‘Creative For Good’.”
Chris has often been heard saying that we "want to do great work with good people". We work with profit making businesses in addition to our growing charity portfolio. These businesses demonstrate an alignment with our ethics, they may be working in a way that's considering environmental sustainability, investing profits into their local communities, or building trusted relationships with both their clients and their staff teams. One way or another, they are like-minded businesses.

A Recent Case Study | Step by Step

Having being selected from 7 agencies, Step by Step came to us needing to develop a site that delivers. This is a particular passion for us.

We spent a considerable amount of time working closely and collaborating with them to gain an understanding of their business objectives, and the purpose of their website. Using this knowledge we design and develop a web solution that fulfils their needs and that converts. Step by Step is a young people’s charity who support those who are going through hard times, including homelessness. Their brief was to create a website that responds to young people who want to know about Step by Step’s services, for people who want to support their work, and for people who want to get involved with their cause.

The outcome is a website that reflects and responds to the fact that young people experience incredibly hard times; and that through supporting or being involved in Step by Step’s work, people can contribute to those same young people having opportunities for bright futures. We're working with Step by Step in the long term so that we can support them with ensuring that their website is converting. We are working together on technical iterations to their site, supporting them with optimising their content so that the site performs well from an SEO perspective, and working with them more widely to produce fundraising and marketing collateral that's in line with their new branding.

Step by Step's Communications Manager commented:

“Studio Republic were quick to grasp our vision, our values, our personality, and our style. We trusted that they would give creative solutions to our brief, and that the site would be developed for the people using it - as opposed to being a platform for us to shout about our own work. At the same time as taking hold of and running with our personality and style, Studio Republic placed equal emphasis on function and results. We will be partnering with Studio Republic on a longer term basis so that we can continue to monitor results from the website and from our other digital communications channels, in order to ensure that we are continuing to meet the needs of young people, and of our valued supporters.”

Our work with Step by Step is a prime example of our mission to provide a tailored service with the client at the forefront, ‘Creative for good’.