Studio Republic celebrates turning 14 and looks to the year ahead

20th December 2017

It’s hard to believe a digital agency that began in 2003 in a spare room is now celebrating 14 incredibly successful years. It took focus, experience, countless cups of coffee and most importantly an ability to adapt, in order to grow into one of the South Coast's leading digital agencies.

During our 14 years we had the privilege of working with a huge range of clients across the B2B, B2C and Charity sectors and our ethos has ensured that we continue to work with like minded individuals who share our values and ethics. Even after 14 years, we are still working with our very first client and since then have also had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest brands in the UK.

We celebrated our birthday at the SR office in Winchester with some of our favourite people with special branded SR beers by local supplier and client Red Cat Brewery and pizzas by The Stable who supply pizzas for our Winchester Creatives evenings throughout the year.

Studio Republic Celebrates turning 14!

We unveiled our new look website along with a short but sweet (and slightly unrehearsed speech) by our Director Chris Todhunter.

"I'm incredibly proud of what we've achieved as an agency over the past 14 years and we wouldn't be here without the support of our lovely clients as well as our supportive families and friends. I feel this last year has been a significant turning point for us as an agency and we've spent a fair amount of time getting to a point where we have a clear sense of direction and purpose all perfectly encapsulated in our ethos of "creative for good". We've been fortunate to have dealt with many likeminded clients over the years and we want to continue to align ourselves with ethical businesses, NGOs and charities. We're in a strong position along with a growing team as we move into 2018 and I'm excited to see what we can achieve by helping our clients whilst strengthening our foothold as an ethical creative digital agency."

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Looking ahead to 2018 | What does it mean to be an ethical agency?

At Studio Republic, we describe ourselves as an ethical creative digital agency.

Why? Simply put, we believe in acting ethically. Our clients know that we do not take shortcuts or compromise our service offering in order to ‘make a quick buck’ and we believe this is why they stay with us. Being an ethical company, we like to ensure our values permeate through the business and beyond our service as a digital agency. For example, our web servers are carbon neutral and even to the point when we only use recycled paper and only when absolutely necessary.

Due to our ethics, we identify strongly with those business within the charity and NGO sectors which has naturally led to somewhat of a niche area for us. We have realised we need to reposition ourselves in order to ensure our brand is focused towards our area of expertise. Over the last two years, we have been exposed to a number of different charities including Sailor’s Society, Child Hope, Step by Step, Revitalise, Every Child, BySea, Wildlife and Countryside Link, Autism Hampshire, Age Concern etc. and consequently we have found our love of working with like minded clients that share our ethos. It is highly rewarding for us to be a link in a chain that is promoting positive change.

We are a company that doesn’t compromise on cost or timescales. We are not here to churn out the same carbon copy Wordpress theme for every client because not every client is the same. Every client has a different purpose and story that needs to be conveyed. We provide a tailored service with the client at the forefront with the aim to be ‘Creative For Good’.

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(Please note: The Studio will be closed over the holiday period from close of play on 22nd December and back open on 2nd January 2018)