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Taking a world-first fundraising event website to new heights

The challenge

Tommy’s work to make the UK the safest place in the world to give birth and fund vital research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. To launch their latest fundraising event, the London Landmarks Skyscraper Challenge, Tommy’s needed a site which could match the excitement and energy of the event itself.

Whilst the event logo and top level brand elements were in place, there wasn’t a clearly defined visual identity or ruling around how the brand should or could be used in a digital setting. In addition to development the visual language, we would also need to ensure a robust and logical site structure, ensuring users could easily find the information they needed and, more importantly, sign up to take part!


  • UX design
  • Digital application
  • Web design & build
  • UX & QA testing
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The solution

Taking our cues from the existing identity, we established a vibrant and accessible colour palette and introduced a flexible type scale, creating a consistent and expected experience across for the site. Key brand elements were developed to provide a visually rich and dynamic user experience, befitting the nature and scale of the event.

With a bold brand established, our team could then get to work on developing the site to host The London Landmarks Skyscraper Challenge. It was crucial the site mirrored the unforgettable experience of the challenge and so was underpinned by a meaningful UX design that focused on accessibility and drove action. Following ongoing quality assurance testing to ensure a positive, user-friendly experience, the site was brought to life and with it, created a new chapter in Tommy’s fundraising efforts.

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The result

Rachel Dodson, Deputy Director of the London Landmarks Events running the Skyscraper Challenge event said:

“The launch has been very successful. The website worked perfectly and we’ve had very few questions in the support inbox, which shows that the user journey is clear and intuitive. Many of our charity partners filled their places on the first day so the event is working very well for some our key stakeholders.

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