Working with Charities

22nd March 2016

The enjoyment of working with charities as an Ethical Digital Agency

We have always been an agency that would choose to work on a decent brief, for a good cause, with good people rather than a project that is all about the money. One of the most enjoyable sectors to work in for us is charity and NPOs. Over the years we have worked closely with a host of different charities and always found the work rewarding and fulfilling.

What makes charities and NPO's fun?

What we have found is that charity employees tend to be passionate about the cause of their job. This passion gets reflected in the projects they run. Maybe it is because they are fighting a cause which is designed to aid and help others. The way we can tell is because the level of depth and care that goes into the briefing. The better we are able to understand the purpose, detail and timeframe, the better we are able to understand how the design needs to communicate and resinate with the audience. We collaborate our experience and knowledge of modern marketing to deliver a design, campaign or/and website that we feel is entirely appropriate. The care and attention to detail about every aspect of the organisation pushes us to want to deliver above and beyond. The bi-product is quality work being produced that actually helps people. So everyone is happy.

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What do we do for them?

At Studio Republic, we have started working very closely with a few bigger charities over the past year. By looking after the entire brand, we have been able to control coherency of all communication and build a strong unified tone and message. The types of work has included; several digital campaigns, micro-sites, social media competitions, offline prospectuses, charity packs, brochures, magazines and entire web-overhauls, just to name a few. Larger charities have multiple teams and areas of the business which have different focuses and whilst the campaigns might be targeting different sectors or audiences, the overall brand needs to be communicating in a consistent manner. That is where we position ourselves; as the extension of the marketing department ensuring brand consistency online, offline and everywhere in-between. The result is that the charities visibility is growing, these internal teams are expanding, the donations are building and a future of the charity is ever more secure.   Photograph of schoolchildren enjoying a snack

How do we help out a little?

But we know that it is not just the big charities that require assistance. There are a massive amount of amazing causes out there which continue to work tirelessly for continued funding. So, as an agency we have a yearly donation policy whereby a small charity of choice is given an entire re-design and re-built website project pro bono. We are underway with one currently and will unveil upon completion. We know 2016 will see us working even closer with the charities on our books but we are always on the hunt for more where we can add real value. So if you have a campaign or website project in sight, be sure to give us a call because we would love to see if we could add value to your brand too.   Photograph of lady pushing a man in a wheelchair

Contact our Creative Digital Agency in Winchester

Whether your charity needs a complete brand overhaul, new website or simply help with making your campaign stand out Studio Republic can help. Feel free to swing by for a cuppa with Jack and the gang?