Work your new website

19th November 2014

It’s great to think of your freshly built website working 24/7 pulling in all sorts clients from across the globe while you concentrate on your actual job. Yet although that’s an ideal scenario, sadly, it's rarely true. No matter how beautiful your website, when you launch a business it’s going to take work to reach real eyeballs.

So here are some things you can do.

Go into analysis

What you don’t know, you can’t fix, so before you try and entice a single visitor, know what’s going on by setting up visitor analytics and using webmaster tools for tracking. Bounce rate, referrals, page views, and conversions are types of information that will be invaluable for improving traffic later on.

SEO it

SEO doesn't have to be an algorithmic nightmare. There are literally millions of web pages about this, but very simply, you just need to get the search engines to recognise you. What they like is content, performance, authority and user experience. If you have a good website, then performance and user experience should be covered. So that leaves content and authority (ie, well written accurate and valuable information other sites would want to cite or link to). Work on these.

Do I know you?

Who are you? Be clear and transparent about the identity of your brand in all of your social media interactions, and use social media to the max. Social media trends for 2015 include niche networking and greater image based interactions using Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat.