We were lucky, once again, to be blessed with a warm, clear evening for our 7th monthly meetup.

It cannot be stressed enough how grateful we are to everyone who comes along each month. As ever, it’s a pleasure to meet all the 1st timers, and a great chance to catch up with the regulars.

A large part of the event’s remit is to be as inclusive as possible to a broad umbrella of skills and interests. This month’s visitors included representatives from web development, design, videography, journalism, photography, and architecture, among others.

We were privileged to be joined by friend of the Studio, Graeme Leighfield of GEL Studios, in Swindon, to give us a talk entitled “Bespoke - buzzword or brilliance” - an uplifting presentation relevant to pretty much every business in any field.

Winchester Creatives - August 2017 Edition

In his talk, Graeme encouraged us to engage with our customers as much as possible, in order to maintain an understanding of their needs. Openness is key to a good relationship. Keep the customer informed of progress at every stage. Ask the right questions so you can provide them with the service they require - even if they don’t initially know what that may be!

Winchester Creatives - August 2017 Edition

The event - as ever - was embellished with the delicious fresh pizzas from our friends at The Stable in Winchester. Thanks so much to Matt, the Manager, for his ongoing generosity! I know some of you already do, but please, please, PLEASE support them by popping in for a pizza or pint of refreshing cider if you’re in the area. And say “hello” from us! :)

Winchester Creatives - August 2017 Edition

Our next get together is on Tuesday 5th September, where we have another amazing and engaging talk lined up for you. More details will emerge closer to the time! :) You can get a ticket here if you know it’ll be great, whoever it is. :D

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