Why the design of your logo matters

13th May 2013

Your logo is most probably the first thing that a potential customer will notice about you – it's the face, the smile, the "hello, how can I help you!" of your business and it needs to give a great first impression!

Whether you are starting a new business or building an existing one, your logo is a major part of your brand identity – it makes a statement about you, your values, your strengths and personality of your business – it helps you talk to your clients as well as playing a role in attracting new customers.

A good logo design must be relevant to you, your product and perhaps most importantly to your customers. It will provide the starting point for the way your present yourself: the fonts and colours of your marketing materials; your shop front; store design; office layout; packaging and even your staff uniform – so it makes sense to get it right. You need to begin with something you really believe in, that reflects your business and will enhance all your hard work not thwart it!

  • How do you want to be seen? – fun, formal, innovative, reliable?
  • Who buys your products? – children, parents, business people, sports enthusiasts?
  • What will appeal most to your customers? – something different, something safe, something whacky?

Here are some examples of logos we have produced for other clients:

Sample logos

At Studio Republic, we understand that a new business logo is also a very personal thing. All the emotion, effort and personal resource of your venture are represented in the company name and the logo you choose. We would be happy to help!