Website forums are now possible with MODX

8th January 2013

We have been advocates of MODX for the last four or so years and it has been our CMS of choice since we first discovered it. The core product is second to none and the only CMS we've come across that gives us complete control over design and functionality with no constraints.

We often pitch against other agencies who use the big three systems (Drupal, Joomla and WordPress) and while we can argue the case for MODX in terms of performance, security, flexibility and cost of ownership, we have often lost out due to the out of the box functionality the others can offer.

The three areas MODX has traditionally lost out on are blogging, forums and ecommerce.

Articles took care of blogging. It offers all the features that you could want for a blog, with the flexibilty and control that MODX can bring. We can even import a WordPress blog in a matter of minutes - something we've done quite a few times since it was released.

Christmas Eve brought us Discuss, a native forum for MODX. This is an eagerly awaited extra, having been briefly released in 2012 before it was withdrawn again due to some instabilities. It was picked up by the core team and went through some serious revisions and refinements before its seasonal release. It is a fully featured forum solution and runs the MODX Forums, handling nearly 500,000 posts from over 40,000 members with ease.

Next on the wishlist is a native ecommerce solution. We're big advocates of FoxyCart and have implemented it a number of times now with great results, but it would be great to have all of that functionality running in MODX. It's something that is on the cards and noone is more aware of the benefits it would bring than the guys at MODX, but as with Discuss, they'll want to make sure that anything they produce is fit for purpose before it's released.

Watch this space...