The power of sport

11th November 2019

Back in 2017 we had a lightbulb moment. We were a small agency like many others, and we realised that we wanted to offer something more. For our work to mean more than work, and for our team to unite to create something a little bit better for the world - and alas, our natural and sustainability ethos became our mantra. A little change in direction for our teenage selves.

Since that day, we’ve been proud to dedicate our sustainably-supplied digital, creative and marketing services to organisations that care about making more than just profit. To the charities, the like minded ethical businesses, the local independents, and the not-for-profits all leading the way to a brighter future.

We call it ‘Creative for Good’.

Driven by this desire for purpose, we took some time to share and listen to the stories and personal passions our team held for particular fields and causes. Our goal was to establish the arena that we felt had the most opportunity to grow, that we deeply cared about and that we felt we could have the greatest impact on.

We knew that arena was sport.

Girls playing football in an enclosed field.

Why sport?

Whether through audience building, participation, education or fundraising, we believe that sport is one of the most powerful and universally-recognised forces for good.

Highly sociable, sport requires us to engage physically, psychologically and emotionally. Sport provides people of all ages, races and abilities with a platform to build self-confidence and leadership skills and sport can foster team spirit amongst complete strangers. Sport can transform people's attitudes, build communities and improve wellbeing. It can also be leveraged as a tool to combat inequality and preserve and protect the environment. Whatever the cause, its power is contained within its application.

It’s for these reasons and many more that we want to apply our thinking and creativity to help maximise the impact made by sport-led organisations wherever we can. From a grassroots to an international level, our unique blend of ethics, strategic thinking and digital craftsmanship can effectively amplify advocacy, drive commercial growth and maximise social change for sport-led organisations.

Our first sport-led white paper

To support this new ambition, we’re launching our first sport-led white paper in the coming months, exploring how brands and charities are creating positive change effectively through authentic marketing tactics. We’ve dissected the key characteristics of a number of successful industry campaigns with the help highly-respected industry experts from sport and social change in order to identify the best ways to engage, inspire and motivate people through sport.

While we continue to welcome opportunities to support organisations contributing to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, this is a statement addressed to the business leaders that share our view about the power of sport to make a difference. We are extremely excited about the opportunity to apply the versatile power of digital to the social and commercial goals of new partners in the world of sport.