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Studio Republic rises up

In the depths of the most unexpected, world-wide, foundation-shaking pandemic, we decided we wanted to be more and transform our aspirations into reality.

Since then, we’ve been building something that matters more than any one single individual. Today we are proud to be a catalyst for positive change and a dedicated force for good, relaunched with a cover that matches the story.

When catching-up with colleagues I haven’t spoken to for some time and they ask me ‘what’s new?’ I explain that no stone has been left unturned, truly. Although we have a near 20-year history behind us, in many ways it feels like we’re a start-up again. Our focus, leadership, team, processes, ambitions and output is altogether different and we’ve made strides like never before.

We’ve long fulfilled the ambition to do good work for good people, but the difference now is in the consistency and commitment with which we are dedicated to a mission. Our new proposition is no longer a dream but a promise to partners past and future. We exist to empower causes with the means to directly impact lives, and this is not only understood but actively championed, in every way, from within.

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The power of people with purpose

Although every agency offering is made-up of people, skills, experience and time, our collective is unique because we are each driven by our individual passions and purpose and Studio Republic is the organisation through which we fulfil that purpose. That’s why we’ve put people at the heart of our new image and all of our storytelling. While we are experienced strategists, creatives and developers, we are also campaigners, fundraisers, volunteers and activists. We want to live in a fairer, just and more inclusive world and Studio Republic is the powerful coming together of our purpose and professionalism to make the changes needed.


So this rebrand isn’t an aesthetic refresh, it’s a representation of our rebirth. We have drawn a line in the sand because we are no longer afraid to be bold or take risks. On the contrary, this territory is exactly where we now live and breathe in order to create meaningful impact in everything we do. Our reinvigorated visual identity – inspired by social and political movements for the people, created by the people – is the culmination of months of hard work by the entire team which has been led by the sum, not by the few.

We have taken our business in a new direction, wholly dedicated to impact through which we will create a legacy that we can feel deeply proud of. We remain small but mighty, united in our mission.

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We are Studio Republic and we invite you to find out more.

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