“Office rearrangements are more divisive than Brexit.”

19th August 2019

We’ve been lucky enough to welcome in a collection of new characters to the agency, from a tomato plant growing extraordinare to a vegan baker who narrowly missed out on appearing on this year's Great British Bake Off. As a team known for their friendliness and personality, we felt it only appropriate to introduce you a little better to our incredible new team members who have joined us this spring-summer season. To add a little pizazz, we asked each of them to tell us seven things they’ve learnt since joining Studio Republic - and it’s fair to say some took this a little bit more seriously than others.

Chris Lewis - Project Manager

  1. I drink a lot more tea/coffee than the average person and it’s almost frightening.
  2. There are more companies out there trying to have a more positive impact than you realise, and the office is a great place to recommend these businesses to each other. I underestimated the power of word of mouth but now I really see it in action each day.
  3. To do lists are my religion.
  4. I have found a heightened value in having different voices from different perspectives at the table, and enjoy having my own beliefs and thought processes challenged by others who think alternatively to myself.
  5. Queer Eye based office tangent conversations are usually the highlight of my day.
  6. I am spiritually connected with Dan Benham on his tea schedule.
  7. My cockapoo Peggy has become an icon at the office. Even more than me. I question on a weekly basis if she was one of the leading attributes to my acquiring a job at SR...

Andy Skraga - Digital Marketer

  1. The SR coffee is incredible, I can’t recommend it enough to our visitors.
  2. Winchester is a great place to grab lunch - we are regulars at our local zero waste cafe, Open House Deli, and there are countless other independent and market stalls offering unique and incredible food. It’s a true foodies haven!
  3. Working with great clients make a huge different to the quality of your day and makes me even more motivated to keep pushing myself and the organisation.
  4. Bringing your dog into work can up moral 500% - thank you Chris Lewis. Peggy is the gift we all needed.
  5. Sustainability is more about practicing as preaching, which is why all of us at SR take the train, walk and or drive electric vehicles. SR uses a renewable energy company for the office electricity which is great. We all try to do our bit to reduce waste, and compost what we can from the office kitchen!
  6. Communication is everything! We try to work with our clients as if they were old friends, always happy to talk projects through and give expert advice when needed.
  7. It's okay to make mistakes sometimes - just try and learn from them.

Fleurie Forbes-Martin - Business Development

  1. Being good pays in feels. I’m so over the moon about this one. I always had a feeling that when you change gear from ‘the same old’ to ‘doing something that matters’, things would feel more meaningful. Turns out it’s damn true.
  2. We are what we appear to be. Having had a pretty varied agency career to-date I can tell you that not all agencies are what they appear to be on the outside. Luckily, these lot are as real as they come - what you see is what you get. Nice folk with a mission to make a difference.
  3. It is possible to sustain life on biscuits alone. I’ve seen it happen in front of my very eyes in the form of our beloved Relationship Manager, Dan Benham.
  4. Satellite offices can work. This is the second time I’ve tried to be a ‘satellite’ office for a team and it’s working - with a lot of Slack and bi-weekly trips back to HQ for team meets and beers, the distance between us is barely noticeable. I have the best of London’s bustling lifestyle and a close relationship with my team too!
  5. Hustling is in our DNA. Be it Libby’s ability to secure overseas new burins through a tweet, Dan’s ability to feed hungry creatives at our regular meet-ups with the help of The Stable, hustle is a big part of the culture and I LIVE for it.
  6. Strangers are friends you haven’t met yet. Another part of being an inherently ‘good’ business that seeks to have a positive impact is that people respond differently to you. When you approach a stranger with more than money on your mind, the conversation changes and it’s easier to build relationships.
  7. Freedom is our currency. Something that I noticed on my way into the agency was the genuine desire to support everyone’s individual lifestyles, projects and passions. Some of us are part-time as we strive to start our businesses, some of us are based abroad, some work from home. So long as everyone’s working hard, the Republic supports you back - and that ain’t too common!

Jonny Snow - Developer

  1. Zebra throwing is an integral part of every morning meeting.
  2. Rebecca low key runs the place.
  3. Office rearrangements are more divisive than Brexit.
  4. Harley is stock photo famous - and finding him online somewhere is an almost daily occurrence.
  5. Free lunch from the Open House Deli on Mondays is amazing…
  6. …and so are the Friday afternoon beers.
  7. Working for a sustainable agency is much more fun and rewarding than working in engineering!

Dan Bee - Designer

  1. One tree can make 10,000 sheets of paper (the less we use the better)! I’ve definitely reanalysed what I do/don’t need to print since being here, and adopted a much more sustainable approach to my paper usage.
  2. Coffee definitely tastes better when it's ground fresh.
  3. How to use adobe XD to design websites.
  4. Doggos in the studio make everyone ridiculously happy. Especially me.
  5. Vegan butter is a thing. Who knew?
  6. Looking at pictures of pugs at the end of the day makes everything okay.
  7. We are all responsible for our impact on the planet, and we can all make a difference.

Aryion Petrelle - Designer

  1. Tetrapacks can't be recycled where I live.
  2. Discovered what an ecobrick is, and how wonderful they are for the environment!
  3. British people drink lots of tea. LOTS.
  4. Always work from the users point of view, and think of what it is that they need from design. Who is using it? What do they need to get out of this design, and how do I facilitate that?
  5. Work for something you believe in doesn't feel like work.
  6. Learned what squash is (the drink, not the vegetable).
  7. Working with like minded people makes the whole day better!
Want to see what you would learn from your time at Studio Republic? We’re still on the lookout for a Developer to be based in our Winchester office. For more information see our jobs page or email hello@studiorepublic and let’s be creative for good.