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Our call for ongoing website growth

We hear a lot about digital innovation and growth but not enough about the steps to achieve it. We realise that not every organisation can bring forth a collection of insight and know exactly what it is they need to do in order to grow their potential across the digital estate.

At Studio Republic, we are passionately led by user-first insights and test + learn methods in order to effectively steer innovation in the right direction. We understand that you can’t always take big leaps if you don’t know what direction to leap to. We bring forward a case for organisations to look alternatively at innovation as business as usual, except you work with an extended team of creative digital experts to make lower risk marginal gains across your digital state at a reasonable cost to achieve growth goals more sustainably.

Your website is just the start, the foundation on which to grow and build by making changes and improvements along the way. Our dedicated growth team and wider agency want to challenge and engage you to get the most out of our specialist skills, empower you to take decisions to the board with confidence and achieve user focussed outcomes that have a positive impact on your audience. We’re excited to introduce our service retainer which will enable you to do all of the above and more, scroll down to find out more.

A retainer reimagined

When you think retainer your mind often wanders towards technical retainers and support solutions that roll on once your website project is complete. Whilst these are essential in ensuring your website is maintained, they don’t offer a specialised service which centres around your users.

One of the biggest challenges we hear from clients is how they can put their user at the heart of their digital solutions today and in the future. Users’ needs change and adapt as time goes on and your website should reflect that. We’re not trying to upsell you whilst the bugs are taken care of, what we’re here to do is to challenge your thinking, bring valuable insight and ensure your brand and website remains fit for purpose over the coming days, months and years.

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Your extended specialist growth team

Our growth service takes your website as a foundation to build on to provide growth for the organisation utilising our team of dedicated specialists to deliver insight-led impact and to become an extension of your team working towards shared objectives.

Our growth model works on a monthly retained basis where you will have access to a full team of experts offering next level creativity and digital delivery to implement simple solutions or assist in solving more complex problems. Work is finished to the highest standard with everyone fully committed to delivering impact for everyone.

Each growth retainer is different for different clients. Your dedicated Strategic Account Manager is an extension of your team, there to collect insight and have a direct line of communication. We want to understand changes to your organisation, your objectives and any future plans to ensure that all the work we do supports those overall goals and sends you towards the impact you want to achieve. 

Once we have a better understanding of the problem to be solved we call on our team of specialists to work with us to devise solutions to deliver growth.

We root our ideas in research and insight meaning we can be confident that your budget and time is being invested in areas of the site that are going to benefit from the input and in turn benefit your end user. 

Success in real practice; National Deaf Children's Society

Developing the first social platform for young deaf children and teens

We originally started working with the National Deaf Children’s Society on a project basis to develop a new safe, fun and innovative web app that allowed young people to access content, interact via questions and polls and create custom avatars. 

Since the launch of the product over a year ago we have continued to work with NDCS on the Buzz platform to elevate the product to be the best it can be. With the help of ongoing feedback from a group of young people, we are able to test new features and continually improve the platform to ensure it exceeds the expectations of the target audience. 


The ongoing solution

Originally the Buzz was launched as a closed platform with the majority of content behind a login journey however it was agreed that there were more benefits to opening up the content to more young people so they could access as much of the content as possible in the easiest and quickest way. In doing this we had to restructure the site and work with young people to ensure there was still an incentive to having an account. 

This will be an ongoing relationship to continue to refine the platform to the needs of young people but also grow the product incorporating more functionality, activity and opportunities for young people.

Success in real practice; Accord Union

Improving users' sign-up experience

Since the launch of the new Accord Union website we’ve been working with the team on an ongoing basis to refine the user experience on the site and have had a particular focus on the sign up journey.

The original sign up form was quite lengthy with the expectation that new members would have all their details to hand in order to complete the process. In reality, when speaking to the client and having feedback from the members themselves it was apparent that this was causing a barrier to sign up. 


How did we tackle their sign-up challenge?

We developed a new system in which people could join via the original form or use two new routes, one being requesting a call back to help people navigate and answer questions, or save progress allowing people to fill in the majority of the form but return later if they didn’t have certain information to hand. 

This meant we were catering to different users needs and removing any blockers stopping people from signing up. The new process offers a better experience, a more seamless journey and is quicker. 

Having a team who is part of the journey from start to finish has huge benefits for the client. We're able to get under the skin of the website or digital product and put users at the heart of everything we do in order to best progress forward - all whilst understanding our clients' challenges and barriers along the way to provide the most realistic bespoke solutions (which we deliver in-house).

Laura Wrightson

Strategic Account Manager, Growth

It starts with you.

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