Mobile Technology on the Move

12th January 2015

Phones used to be just that - phones. Before the advent of cellular, and later, smartphone technology, if you needed to get in touch when you were away from your desk or home, you would have to find a phone booth or ask someone nicely if you could borrow their phone to make an important call.

We’ve moved in leaps and bounds since then. Smartphones and tablets have almost made public landlines obsolete. Even the presence of the iconic red British telephone box is steadily declining and, despite its fame and stature, is becoming somewhat superfluous.

Recent statistics indicate that approximately 75% of the world’s population has mobile phones and 1,5 billion people have smart phones. In first world countries, wireless connections are widely available and smartphone and tablet use are not only convenient, but connecting is free of charge.

Making your site mobile friendly and easy to navigate via smartphone or tablet increases your visibility and availability to the growing number of users who are adapting to the use of mobile technology. The phone is no longer simply a phone; it is a communication hub that connects people to the invisible lifelines of social media, the Worldwide Web and levels of communication that were once the stuff of science fiction.

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