Like-minded Business, what do we mean?

27th March 2018

At Studio Republic we have established ourselves as an ethical creative digital agency. We have made a conscious commitment to align ourselves with like-minded businesses, NGOs and charities.

All of our work is led by ethics and built on trust. We have ‘Creative for good’ emblazoned on the studio wall as a constant reminder that we make purposeful, creative work that empowers businesses and causes to deliver their message.

Our values underpin everything we do. We are ethical, innovative, passionate, and trustworthy. We take an ethical approach to our work, and the people we work with do too. We do great work with good people. We care about the environment and social issues, and the values of our clients tend to reflect this. Innovation shows itself in our love for finding creative solutions to meeting the needs of the people we’re working. Our passion is evident daily and we’ve been told that we have a contagious enthusiasm and dedication. We’re not interested in doing half a job, we take our time and make sure everything is 100%. Our trustworthiness is reflected in our transparent way of working (and pricing). We’ve used a handshake icon to represent this, a symbol of agreement and partnership.

When we say we work with like-minded businesses, what do we mean?

We get fired up by businesses and organisations that want to make an impact ‘for good’ in the world. We get even more excited when we’re making creative work for these brands. We work with businesses who share our ethical compass, where some of their environmental or social ethics are in line with ours.

Rickshaw Travel share our ‘do it together’ attitude. They’re a travel company who work closely with their customers to create unique travel experiences, while supporting local projects in each of their destinations. Having worked with them on a digital campaign, we're looking forward to working more closely together and are inspired by their principled commitment to the future of ethical travelling!

Vanilla Catering are a catering and events company who are passionate about using high-quality, local produce sourced, with care, through local suppliers. We connected with their strong sense of local responsibility in terms of their producers and suppliers, only later discovering their ongoing commitment to using a portion of profit to provide a wide variety of local charity funding since 2010.

A long-term relationship

As partners, we work with you to communicate your message and achieve your goals, staying true to shared ethical brand values.

Many of our clients have been with us for a number of years which has allowed us to nurture strong relationships and presented us with the opportunity to help them achieve both short and long-term goals. We place emphasis on our approach in entering into new relationships with businesses and organisations. That’s right, relationship! Studio Republic pride ourselves on our ‘doing it together’ attitude. Understanding the aims of each of the businesses we’re working with enables us to establish a connection with what the business stands for. We find that aligning in this way serves as powerful inspiration leading to innovating and creating impactful work.

The SR team are committed to enhancing businesses and organisations who care about more than just their bottom line. We’re proud to play a small part in the impact and mark they make.