International Day of Charity 2018

5th September 2018

International Day of Charity 2018

The International Day of Charity is somewhat of a baby in the grand scheme of things, designated by the UN General Assembly back in 2012. Mother Theresa is partly why this day exists. Celebrated on the anniversary of her death on September 5th, International Day of Charity celebrates her amazing commitment to charitable causes throughout her entire life. The main objective of this day is to offer a platform for individuals, the public, non-profit organisations and charities all around the world to raise awareness on a local, national, regional and global scale.

This year, the focus of the International Day of Charity 2018 is poverty. The United Nations identifies that preventing poverty is one of the most substantial worldwide challenges and a crucial demand for sustainable development.

Studio Republic on International Day of Charity 2018

As an ethical creative digital agency, we work with and support numerous charities, non-profit organisations and ethical businesses. For that reason, we’re so glad to have this day as an opportunity to publicly raise awareness and share our gratitude towards the charity sector!

Specifically, ChildHope UK is one of the charities tackling extreme property and we have the unbelievable privilege to work with. ChildHope UK believes that ”every child has the right to a safe and secure childhood” and aims to better the lives of vulnerable and neglected children in developing countries.

We also work with other charities that support people who are in, or have been in poverty, such as Sailor’s Society and Step by Step. They are both undertaking preventative work to maintain dignity and opportunity for people. Sailor’s Society is one of most extensive and wide-reaching charities that support international seafarers, and Step by Step is a charity that supports young people that are facing hard time, including homelessness.

Although this year’s focus is on poverty, we’re still going to take a moment to celebrate all of the charities out there working to fix these local and global issues.

Charities We Support

With that in mind, we’ve asked some of our team members what their favourite charities are and which causes they personally support. Harley, Jack and Dan all expressed that they support children-related causes, while Jack may or may not have mentioned why he chopped his hair off.

For others, they support a wide range of charities, both local and global organisations that focus on worldwide issues.

Charities We Work With

Of course, we cannot forget about our other charity clients! They’re one of the reasons why we exist and love what we do. So we had to ask our two directors about the charity clients they are most proud to be working with.

Okay, so the directors cheated and didn’t really answer the question but what can we say?

We genuinely love working with all of our charity clients and as Jack said, it’s an absolutely extraordinary thing for us to be able to work with a wide range of charities that focus on different sectors, whether that’s people, environment or animals.

We want to give our charity clients and good friends a big shout out:

Chartered Institution of Water and Environment Management (CIWEM)


Step by Step

Sailor’s Society

BySea Coffee

Age Concern Hampshire

Autism Hampshire

Borrow Foundation

Wildlife and Countryside Link

and Solent University Student Union

It's pretty amazing to see us all working together to make a difference, so thank you for your hard work and passion and for letting us be a part of the solution!

As Rev.Fr. John Damian (2018) states in the Sunday Magazine:

Charity is the only channel through which we demonstrate our power of giving. It is the only force that can bring about the long expected transformations in our society. Through charity, we are not just influencing the lives of others; we are also becoming influential in the midst of others.

So, for this year’s International Day of Charity, we encourage you all to do something for your favourite charities - whether that’s donating, volunteering, raising awareness, communicating the importance of their work — basically, just get involved! Trust us, no matter how big or small, your supports will be worthwhile!