How are we an ethical agency?

22nd June 2017

How are we an Ethical Agency?

At Studio Republic, we describe ourselves as an ethical agency. We’re currently growing into an agency with more of an ethical business and charity / Non-Government Organisation (NGO) focus. Part of this focus drives our belief that it's important to stay sustainable and ethical.


  • Because we believe in doing moral good through our services and work.
  • Because we care about our clients and the impact they can have.
  • Because helping our clients achieve their objectives means looking after the planet and helping others in need.
We know, every agency believes they have the best clients but hands down, we do have the best clients. We are an ethical agency

Our Clients

We absolutely enjoy working with charities / NGOs. There's a tendency for charity employees to be incredibly passionate about their projects. The amount of passion and care you see in these organisations is infectious. Their enthusiasm is reflected in the projects they manage, which creates an inspirational working environment for us. With our relationship approach to working, we work closely and collaboratively with our clients. As they grow, we grow with them. Our charity work has included awareness campaigns, digital fundraising appeals, micro-sites, social media competitions, offline prospectuses, charity packs, brochures, magazines and entire website-overhauls. The list goes on. We use our experience and digital marketing knowledge to deliver high quality online and offline work that works together to generate conversions – be those donations, volunteers, sign ups to data capture campaigns. We work towards those conversion points most important to the charities we're working with. We're the 'middle man', who provides assistance for our clients to digitally communicate and engage with their audiences. We're ethical, not because we have to be, but because we want to be. Our objective is to work with businesses and charitable organisations who are tackling environmental and social issues. We work together to transform their approach to digital marketing so that all of their marketing tools are working well for them. In addition to working ethically; transparently and honesty with our clients and our briefs, we also set our own ethical policies within the agency.

At Studio Republic:

  • We have made an effort to ensure all of our electricity is from renewable sources
  • Our web servers are carbon neutral
  • All employees have access to the bike to work scheme
  • We use recycled paper, and only when absolutely necessary
  • Our projects must fit with our ethics and beliefs (we have turned down projects related to hunting).
We are an ethical agency Studio Republic is excited for our upcoming journey of transitioning into a charity and NGO focused agency. We're always seeking to assist and add value to help our clients help others.