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Dan finishes off the day by thanking the teams and our sponsors. It's been a brilliant day.

Hack For Good Live Blog


The teams have been presenting their solutions to todays briefs. Some really great ideas have come out of todays hack!

Hack For Good Live Blog


It's that time of day, time to crack open the beers. Thanks again to Red Cat Brewing for giving us a load of their fantastic beer for the day.

Hack For Good Live Blog


If you're interested in what the teams have been listening to today there is an official Hack For Good Spotify Playlist, so you can listen along at home!

Hack For Good Live Blog


Pizza has arrived! Many thanks to the kind people at The Stable in Winchester for keeping us fed today!

Hack For Good Live Blog


Here's the Hinge team hard at work today. They're working on one of the briefs supplied by Winchester City Council, around the subject of making local services more accessible for people who need them.

Hack For Good Live Blog


Over on our twitter feed you can see Syd Lawrence from the Bot Platform talking about the brief they're tackling today. It's one that our client Step by Step were kind enough to give us.

Hack For Good Live Blog


Here's the Studio Republic and Bot Platform teams working together.

Hack For Good Live Blog


Here's Jack and Chris with Vanessa from BySea Coffee. She will kindly be fuelling us with their delicious coffee all day!

Hack For Good Live Blog



Dan is getting us underway, giving everyone a bit of background about Hack For Good and the purpose of the day.


Ready to go!

Everything's all set up, we'll shortly be welcoming our teams to take their places for the day.

Hack For Good Live Blog


Welcome to our live blog for Hack For Good.

If you still unsure what that means, this blog post will give you a bit of an idea of what we're up to today.

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