The Green Party won the General Election 2017. DIGITALLY.

19th June 2017

The dust has barely settled since the General Election and the fallout is looking very green. In the polls, it was all red and blue. Friday, the 9th of June, brought a lot of excitement for some, disappointment for others and a lot of confusion for the many. But we know who the real winner is...well, digitally. Before this becomes old news, we just want to blow our trumpet a little bit. First thing's first - what do we mean that the Green Party won? Long story short, the Green Party won for Best Website. According to CBR - "The Green Party is the winner of the General Election, at least when it comes to digital performance." From NetImperative - "When it comes to website design, The Green Party is firmly in the lead, whilst the Lib Dems are lingering in last place, according to new research." You can read the full article here. How is this relevant? Well, if you didn't know already. Us guys at Studio Republic happened to be their website developers. The Green Party has been a very close client of ours since 2012. Besides our business relationship, we also believe and support them ethically. Having developed their website from scratch, using MODX as our CMS (Content Management System) - this news means a whole lot to us and we want to brag a little and give ourselves some credit. How did we achieve this? By marrying visual quality and functionality. For the Green Party's website, we executed the party's policies and guarantees through visual, informative content - all whilst keeping the site super speedy for the mobile-centric world that we now live in. Our attention spans are painfully shorts. Users tend to lose interest within the first 7 seconds. By keeping the website light and punchy, we promote fast content absorption and increase the physical speed of the website to stay connected to the users and hopefully provoke some decision making. Based on our key stats:  
  • In the 4 weeks up to the General election the site achieved 823,000 visits
  • The ave site visit was 1min 59secs
  • 75% of sessions were new visitors
  • The day of the General Election (Thurs June 8th) the site traffic peaked at 44,486 visitors
Another statistic was conducted by Dynatrace. Dynatrace is an application monitoring software. Over a seven-day period, Dynatrace monitors the speed of each party's website with which potential voters are able to access the home pages. The test has proven that the Green Party have the lightest website overall. The time on site is rather short, largely because all the content and information is so available at all time. Users aren't having to find what they need to find, it's always there. The simplicity has provided a foundation for the best possible user experience and to keep all of the content relevant and available at every stage of the user journey. So if you would like to improve your website and user experience, why not discuss with our developers. Don't hesitate to get in touch!