The DOs and DON’Ts of email marketing

26th July 2011

Email can and should be used as a effective method of building client relationships so here are some very basic dos and don'ts of email communications...

Do: Make your e-communications relevant
Don't: “Spray and Pray” - do not use emails as a method of blanket bombing your customers and prospective customers

Do: back up your emails with your offline communications
Don't: send it and forget it

Do: make sure that the database you're sending to is right for that offer or communication
Don't: merge all clients in to one generic lump and then make your offering 'one size fits all'

Do: observe the basic rules of design and communication that are achievable for this medium
Don't: don't just grab your brochure, make a jpeg and then send (a brochure is designed for people to hold and read, a website is designed for people to interact with – therefore an email is for basic interaction and as a portal for further communication)

Do: send your customers regular emails
Don't: send your customers emails every five minutes – they will unsubscribe and or mark you as spam.

Do: stand out from the crowd
Don't: become just another 'grey mail' and get pigeon holed in to “just some more junk”

Do: consider the customer experience to build long term relationships
Don't: assume that every email will yield new business

Simple, hey? The tips above might seem obvious, but then why do I delete so many emails that fall into the "don't" pile every day?

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