A week in the life of an intern

15th July 2016

A week in the life of an intern

I know, the word internship brings a few stereotypical negatives to mind; no pay, you’re completely out of your comfort zone, you’ll probably get the rubbish jobs and you’re definitely going to make a lot of tea. But, the reality is actually very different, especially at Studio Republic. Obviously you are out of your comfort zone, that much is true. But SR’s office is one big room with everyone from interns to the directors working alongside each other. Communication flows easily and you are immediately made to feel comfortable.

With regards to the work load, everything I was asked to do made my experience valuable. During the time I spent at SR I experienced a whole host of things, I sat in on meetings, brainstormed charity campaigns and wrote up suggestions of things to include in monthly news letters. My ideas were taken into account and I was made to feel like I was part of the team. But why do an internship? It is true, it is voluntary and having looked for several months without any luck, I was thrilled that SR offered me the opportunity. Plus, the knowledge of the people you are learning from is invaluable.

It gives you a real insight into how a digital marketing agency works. Whether you are a post-grad just starting out, someone who is not sure exactly what goes on in the industry, or someone who is told after every interview that ‘you were great, you just needed more experience’, (seeing as I ticked all three of these boxes)

I can confirm that it is an opportunity that should not be passed up. The only way to know if working for a digital marketing agency is right for you is to experience it for yourself. Also, with regards to making tea, I have one day left and I am yet to make one cup…. (I did wash up once though).