Winchester Creatives – October 2017 Edition

31st October 2017

Once again, the sky was clear for October’s meetup, and although it was a little more chilly than usual, an enthusiastic audience came along for Ross Chapman's talk about Tips for Collaborating with Clients.

Ross - who is the Product Design Lead at Etch - took the bold decision to crowdsource ideas for his talk, and present it unrehearsed and off the cuff!

It was an extremely interesting and useful talk, featuring some practical advice which is relevant in pretty much any industry.

The talk covered such ideas as the importance of working WITH the client, not FOR the client. Treating the client like a partner rather than a customer is a great way to make them more a part of the process.

Using the same tools as the client is also important. If you don’t, you will find situations where the incompatibility interferes with progress. Passing information to each other will be made infinitely easier if you’re able to do so with consistent methods.

Ross went into way more detail, so there’s no need for me to relay the whole talk. You can listen to it on our new Soundcloud page. :)

We’re eternally grateful to Matt at The Stable in Winchester for his continuing generosity in supplying us with the most delicious selection of pizzas. They are always very popular and a massive talking point each month.

Next month’s meetup is Tuesday 7th November, and we will be joined by local legend Syd Lawrence, who will be giving a talk entitled “Myth busters - everything you need to know about bots”, which should be fascinating.

Tickets are available, as usual, from Eventbrite but the other big news is that we now have our very own web presence! Please have a look if you get the chance, and let us know what you think. You'll notice that you can also book tickets directly from the widget on the site.

Please do get in touch if you have any ideas for future event, if you want to give a presentation or talk, or just tell us how great we are. ;)

Hope to see you next month!