Creating online destinations for B Corp consultants looking to use 'business as a force for good'

The challenge

Although a successful small business-to-consultant set-up, there was nowhere online that businesses could go to find a B Leader to guide them through the certification process, or anywhere for consultants to enquire about becoming B Leader themselves. The second challenge was to use the same B Leaders website framework to create a second, totally separate site for B Corp Way in order to save the client a significant amount of time and cost.


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  • UX design
  • Bespoke web design & development
  • SEO
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Dual website design

In order to effectively design and build two duplicate websites using one bespoke design, we took a dual approach to every step of our process, including scoping. The challenge from the user’s point of view was ensuring we designed and built in a flexible, modular way, enabling both websites to serve different content and functionality through the same page designs.

Content strategy

As a completely new website and the only location to find out more about B Leaders, we shaped every aspect of the on-site content strategy, user journeys and information hierarchy in order to prioritise key communication and guide different audience groups to relevant sections to maximise conversions (joining the newsletter, signing-up for events and contacting B Leaders for help).

Shaping functionality

We introduced a login functionality for individual B Leaders to use to add information about themselves, their experience and relevant skills. This reduced a significant amount of work for the client team and simultaneously encouraged B Leaders to refer to the site as a credible reference for potential clients, maximising visibility.

Within the European B Corp Way site, we had to ensure businesses that spoke various first languages could find compatible consultancies. As such, we created a short match-making pathway which allows businesses to specify their sector, the specific expertise needed and their language, enabling the site to automatically filter through the directory and present suitable partners without having to trawl through.

Brand application

Although B Lab UK and B Lab Europe had different brand guides, we found a common ground between the two and established a new design language that felt consistent and could sit over both.

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