Managing content on line

In the fast paced online world which businesses now inhabit, it's never been so important to keep your website lively and up to date. Whether it is product information and prices, customer case studies, latest offers, news and blogs, a web site needs to be a dynamic, living thing if it is to attract and engage effectively.

Making frequent changes through a web designer slows the process down and can be costly too. That is why most people choose to use a content management system (CMS) to give them full control over the content of their web site.

Which CMS to choose?

Over the years, we have trialled many different CMS systems – including one we developed ourselves - before we found MODX.

What is MODX?

MODX is a cutting edge content management system. It is written in PHP and will run on just about any web server.


It allows our clients complete control over their website through an incredibly intuitive web based control panel. It also allows us great flexibility with the design and functionality of our websites. It has incredibly powerful built-in features including WYSIWYG editing and a blog engine which rivals WordPress. MODX allows us to develop custom and complex applications tailored to your business, such as recruitment systems, product catalogues, image galleries - the possibilities are endless.

And it is FREE!

MODX is open source so there are no licensing costs. You only pay for the development time for us to set it up for your web site. As MODX Gold Strategic partners, we're very well versed with the ins and outs of the system, so this is very cost-effective for the clients we work with.

[Interesting note: MODX originally started as more of a community project, there is a lot of love out there for the platform, with a growing number of developers, all ready to contribute code and advice to others.]

What does it mean to be a MODX partner?

As partners, we get the scoop on any new developments. We're members of the partner network, giving us access to hundreds of other MODX developers worldwide upon whom we can call for backup and advice when we need it.

Speak to the MODX experts. Get in touch with us on 01962 659123.

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"We have been delighted with the launch of OS Photofit. It has been a pleasure working with local based company Studio Republic who have been nothing short of professional and efficient in the delivery of this creative and innovative project. We are very proud of our iconic paper map range which carries such a strong emotional attachment for many people, it was important that we got this right first time, The level of interest, press take up and early results have been excellent"

Nick Giles, Managing Director, Ordnance Survey Leisure