Do you want to stay in regular communication with your customers?

It is vital that modern businesses and brands communicate with their customers. The more you can learn from your customers, the better your service offerings. Our clients can be sure that their future communications are on-brand, reactive and act as an extension to their website.

Email campaigns

A very cost effective way to stay in regular communication with your customers is personalised HTML emailing with designated landing pages. We have sent over 2 million HTML emails and counting, so we have the experience to make email communications count.

The reason HTML emails are so valuable is because every interaction can be tracked. The reporting available will offer information and insight on who has opened it, clicked on it, where have they clicked through to, where did they drop off, what date and time they opened the communication, on what device, where they were etc. This information is packaged up to explain the effectiveness of a campaign and how tweaks and alterations could be improved and optimised for next time. So every client can quantify how successful our digital campaigns have been in terms of ROI.

Banner advertising

With more and more websites carrying advertising, standing out from the crowd becomes more challenging. We design and build dynamic banner ads that attract the eye and convert.

Social media

Social networks are ignored at your peril. Whether you engage on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn (or the next big thing), interacting with your audience build your brand's reputation and helps boost your search engine optimisation. We can get you started with social media training or if you do not have the time (or the inclination) we can manage your entire social presence for you.

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"A website is the ultimate PR and Marketing tool for a photographer, it's the life line to the commercial arena. Having had two previous and lengthy website builds rejected by my agent, I found myself in frantic panic! This is when I was introduced to Chris at Studio Republic. Chris grasped the design concept immediately, throwing his own thoughts into the creative mix, which I love. Time was short, yet Chris remained confident all would be complete within a two week window. I was sceptical! Chris proved me utterly wrong! He transformed the initial design into a slick looking website in under two weeks! The guy is a genius, a true creative professional who took my constant "how abouts" in his stride. Highly Recommended!"

Gareth Gatrell, Photographer,