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This UX Design Audit will ultimately determine 'what is wrong with your current website'- backed up by data, insight and over 20 years of experience

What is a user experience audit - why is it so important?

We understand how important your website’s performance is to your success, and that it requires consistent and thorough evaluation and iteration to help you stay ahead and continuously improve its performance.

Our user experience review will provide us with the opportunity to understand you and your objectives as well as your audiences and their needs in order to effectively identify potential pain points and usability issues with your site in its current state. It covers all aspects of your users’ experience including the information architecture, layout, accessibility, visual design and technical performance to create actionable recommendations.

It is designed to elevate your website’s user experience by proactively identifying opportunities for improvement, and to guide strategic enhancements that are backed by data and align with your objectives and your users’ needs to create a more intuitive and converting site that better serves your audiences.

The goal is simple: to discover what isn’t working on your site and pave the way for ongoing digital growth. Together, we’ll create a roadmap for updates that will transform your website into a powerful tool that serves your growing audience.

Our UX methodology

Our full UX process is a non-linear one built upon an iterative approach, using data from tests to inform decisions at each step, implementing a continuous cycle of observing, reflecting and making.

Our UX review forms part of our research and discovery phase which are the first 2 steps of the process shown below. Here we empathise to develop a deep understanding of the challenges with you and your users. We then use this insight to define the problems, so that we enter the ideation stage with complete clarity and confidence on the problems we need to solve, in relation to your objectives. We then prototype and test any updates before they are built.

Our full UX audit process


Before getting into the research phase, we understand the importance of setting clear goals and targets. That’s why we’ll begin with our UX Scoping Workshop where we work closely with your team to discover and define your objectives for the website which will guide the strategy for the review.

This collaborative approach ensures that our research and testing plan is closely aligned with your business aspirations and provides us with the opportunity to learn more about you.

  • 2-4 hour remote workshop using Miro to discuss goals and objectives, and clarify expectations.
  • Gather information about your organisation, target audiences, and existing website.
  • Gain insight into your vision, goals, and pain points.


We analyse user behaviour through user research, testing and analytics, to provide us with insight into how users are interacting with your site, to identify needs and pain points.

We’ll select and define the appropriate UX research methodologies required to gather the insight we need after the kick off meeting. These methodologies can include…

  • User surveys: Online surveys to collect data on user demographics, behaviour, and satisfaction with the website.
  • Usability testing: Observe users as they interact with the website to identify usability issues, navigation problems, and areas where users get stuck.
  • Competitor analysis: Analyse the websites of competitors or industry leaders to benchmark usability, features, and design practices to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improving your own site.



Personas are fictional profiles representing your target audience. They are essential in our UX review by humanising your users and guiding recommendations based on their needs.

By creating and referring to these personas throughout the process, we can prioritise features, content, and interactions that resonate with them, which will ultimately deliver a more user-centred and effective website.

  • We’ll create personas based on insights we gather through working with your team and supported by research findings to represent the primary user groups.
  • These personas help the team empathise with users and make design recommendations aligned with user needs.



We use our wealth of knowledge alongside established usability heuristics using Jakob Nielsen’s 10 general principles for interaction design as a guide to evaluate the website.

This enables us to quickly identify key usability and accessibility issues as well as areas for improvement to ensure best practices are being followed on your site.

  • Perform a heuristic evaluation of your website to identify usability issues against industry standard UX principles, to identify areas for improvement.
  • Create a list of usability problems and prioritise them based on severity.



We review all aspects of the user experience across your website, in relation to the objectives of the review defined at the beginning of the process. This is backed up by the data collected in the research and discovery phase and your user requirements defined in your personas.

This includes reviewing the information architecture, layout, accessibility, visual design, content and technical performance in order to…

  • Evaluate the site’s information architecture to ensure content is organised logically and intuitively.
  • Identify opportunities to streamline navigation and improve content hierarchy.
  • Ensure key user journeys, call to actions and conversion points are optimised as well as they can be.
  • Provide recommendations for improving accessibility.
  • Suggest ways in which to improve the overall experience and satisfaction for your users through the site design.



Once we’ve completed our review, we compile our findings into a comprehensive report which you’ll receive as a PDF document that includes our recommendations for improving the website experience and performance based on our findings.

We prioritise our recommendations based on the intended impact they will have on your goals and objectives identified at the start of the process and your user needs defined in your personas. Where appropriate we’ll include visual references such as screenshots and basic wireframes to support our recommendations.

  • Compile all findings and recommendations into a comprehensive usability report.
  • Include visuals, such as screenshots or diagrams, to illustrate issues and proposed solutions.
  • Prioritise recommendations based on impact and feasibility.

The benefits of a UX audit

By addressing pain points and improving usability, your website will become more user-friendly and engaging, leading to increased user satisfaction and loyalty as they consistently feel that their voices are heard and can see direct improvements being made to the site as a result of their input.

Strategic enhancements will help boost conversion rates, driving more valuable interactions and revenue for your organisation.

Our research and testing will provide valuable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions that positively impact your digital strategy making your job easier and also growing the relationship with your users.

Staying at the forefront of UX trends, best practices and technology will set you apart from competitors and showcase your commitment to providing the best possible online experience for your users.

Our service ensures your website’s evolution aligns with your business goals. We proactively enhance it based on data-driven insights helping to drive your digital strategy forward and maximising your long-term success.

This on-going iterative approach ensures your website evolves sustainably. You won’t need costly full redesigns. Instead, your site remains flexible, adapting to changing business needs, technologies, and user expectations.

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