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Our purpose is to be a force for good and create impact in our everyday lives

The purpose, mission and vision of Studio Republic is clear

Our team are dedicated to being a force for good and creating impact in our everyday lives. By learning and collaborating with change makers, we strive towards impact in our jobs, in society and the world around us so we can collectively empower causes with the means to directly impact lives.

The vision is to live in a fairer, just and more inclusive world. Simple as that.

B Corp accredited since 2019

Certified BCorp

Keeping it transparent

What guides us is collaboration, honesty, empathy, respect and impact so as part of the global B Corp movement, we consider the impact of every one of our decisions on our team, our clients, suppliers, communities, and the environment.

Our team

Jack De Wolf (he/him) Managing Director

Jack De Wolf (he/him)

The issues that matter to me: Children’s wellbeing, equality, climate change, homelessness.

Chris Todhunter (he/him) Founder & Technical Director

Chris Todhunter (he/him)

The issues that matter to me: Children’s wellbeing, mental health, animal welfare, climate change.

Billy Salter (he/him) Full stack developer

Billy Salter (he/him)

The issues that matter to me: Climate change, Cancer charities and Mental Health.

Carol Kelly (she/her) Senior Project Manager

Carol Kelly (she/her)

The issues that matter to me: Social & community improvement, fitness & nutrition, being a nice human / humanism.

Christina Christou (she/her) Account Manager

Christina Christou (she/her)

The issues that matter to me: Inequality, mental health, climate change, discrimination within the arts.

Dan Emery (he/him) Full Stack Developer

Dan Emery (he/him)

The issues that matter to me: Mental health, physical health, egalitarianism freedom to share and express ideas

Harley Southwick (he/him) Senior Designer

Harley Southwick (he/him)

The issues that matter to me: Discrimination, mental health, supporting families affected by incurable illnesses, poverty.

Niall McMahon (he/him) Full stack developer

Niall McMahon (he/him)

The issues that matter to me: Mental Health, cancer charities, LGBTQIA+, charities for military veterans.

Paul Connor (he/him) Brand Lead

Paul Connor (he/him)

The issues that matter to me: Mental health, climate change, inequality and injustice.

Silvia Scifo (she/her) Midweight Designer

Silvia Scifo (she/her)

The issues that matter to me: Animal welfare, climate change, gender equality, mental health.

Join the team

Do you want to make an impact on people lives? We celebrate the unique humans we are and empower everyone to bring their most authentic selves to work. Check out our current vacancies to find out more.


Our awards

Campaign of the Year


Integrated marketing campaign of the year


Not-for-profit/Charity sector award


Campaign of the year (not-for-profit)


Fundraising campaign of the year


Big impact award


Breakthrough of the year


Community award, hosted by Facebook


B Corporation Certified
The Drum Awards Digital Industries
Leaders Sports Awards
Third Sector Awards
Registered office address - Hikenield House, East Anton Court, Icknield Way, Andover, Hampshire SP10 5RG
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