Hybrid Legal turned to SR with the task of creating a legal services website that looked modern, unique and disruptive whilst maintaining a quality focus. The Hybrid business model is based on fixed fee legal expertise and so we needed to get this angle across quickly and professionally.

One issue which needed resolving was the complicated back-end system in Joomla, so we migrated it straight over to the MODX framework. We taught the team very quickly how to navigate the MODX CMS and within no time they were making updates, blogging, tweaking, uploading and releasing the latest legal updates. As with every client who has experienced MODX, the Hybrid team were no exception, they continue to be extremely relieved to be using this intuitive CMS instead.

Another issue was the old Hybrid website was very slow to load and so we really spent time optimising it until we dramatically improved the overall user experience. Finally, making the website as easy to use on mobile as it is on desktop, laptop and everything in-between was the final hurdle.

Now with the improved and evolved web-presence, the Hybrid team wanted to start sending out digital communications that complemented their new website. So, we designed an interchangeable responsive HTML email template for all future email blasts.

We are already planning new developments for 2016.


Hybrid Legal
Hybrid Legal

"I’d like to say a tremendous thank you to the team at Studio Republic for building our fantastic new website. We approached them with the daunting task of making a legal services business look and feel modern, fresh and disruptive. The team took the time to really understand our proposition and they’ve delivered an exceptional service on time and on budget. We've already recommended them to some of our clients and we’re delighted with the feedback we’ve received. Keep up the good work chaps!"

Ryan Lisk, Managing Director, Hybrid Legal