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Our website was long overdue for an overhaul and from our very first meeting with Studio Republic, their vision and creativity bowled us over. Thanks to their clear, strong design and highly user-friendly conversion mechanisms, our website now functions as a core arm of our charity. In the first month from Go Live, we had double the number of online donations vs the same period in the previous year and have never before had so many enquiries from individuals looking to support our work or volunteer with us. SR have transformed how we view our website and transformed the results we are getting from it.
Jessica Oliver, Head of Fundraising, Step By Step

1. The Charity

For 25 years Step By Step have been helping young people in crisis, supporting them to achieve their aspirations. They provide accommodation, personal development and specialist support services for young people going through hard times. As with most charities Step By Step rely as much on people donating their time and effort as it does their money, and this was something they were keen to push.

2. The Task

Step by Step recently rebranded and needed a website that reflected their new brand and updated direction. With this in mind, the site needed to make it as easy as possible for people to get involved. It needed to convey the good work they achieve, but as a way to encourage people to reach out and connect with them. They also wanted a creative agency to act as a partner, to help with their ongoing digital and creative needs.

3. What We Did

Together we’ve created a site which strikes the right balance between showcasing the great work that they do, and highlighting the ways people can help by getting involved or donating. We’ve clearly split up the things people can do with the charity, in an effort to break down the barrier of getting involved. The intention being that if people can immediately see a specific and small task that they could achieve they’d be more likely to reach out.

3. SR Impact

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