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1. The Organisation

On average, in the South East, the average person uses 150 litres of water per day! But, believe it or not, this region is becoming more and more water scarce with long, dry winters becoming more common. Save Water South East’s (SWSE) aim is to increase the awareness of water as a finite resource and improve water efficiency across the 7.7 million households in the South East.

2. The Problem

SWSE had two main goals that they wanted us to achieve; the first was to generate measurable engagement and awareness through the creation of a new campaign. They wanted people to have something tangible that could be related to and, through this, engage with their campaign. The second goal was to start a healthy social media following for them.

3. Our Solution

Our work with SWSE was a multi-faceted, competition-led campaign to raise awareness of some of the biggest causes of water wastage whilst simultaneously increasing awareness of SWSE and the work the organisation does. We created the brand and website and used a combination of digital and social media alongside more traditional print media to reach the widest audience.

We’ve created competitions and campaigns for a number of our clients. You can read about our approach to creating campaigns over here.

4. Social Impact

One of the main goals for this campaign was to generate a substantial social media impact and following. Their social media presence was created as a significant part of the campaign, along with competition-specific calls to action. We focussed our attention on Facebook and Twitter – the biggest and best platforms to push people to share on. We created custom graphics for both of the pages, and produced campaign images to be posted on them. By the end of the campaign, we’d generated almost 5,000 likes across both of these platforms.

Read more about our social media skills and how we can boost your numbers.

5. Design For Print

As well as online solutions, we also produced print media pieces to support the digital campaign, encouraging people to visit the site and enter the completion. A series of flyers were distributed across the South East and a series of adverts appeared in the Metro and other local magazines.

We can design all kinds of print materials, read more about our full service print offering.

3. SR Impact

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