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The Problem

Did you know that 90% of all our goods consumed in Britain are shipped from faraway countries? That was the concept behind our recent campaign for Sailors’ Society. They wanted to tell people about this 90% fact in an effort to raise awareness of the amount that we, as a society, rely on seafarers and people who work in that industry. They also needed to build a GDPR compliant database of information in time for their bicentennial year.

Sailors' Society 90 Percent
Sailors' Society 90 Percent

The Solution

We created a competition with prizes based around this 90% fact, this also doubled as a lead generation tool to boost Sailors' Society's database. To promote the campaign we created a full suite of animated social graphics, both for sponsored ads and for social media posts that encouraged people to enter and share. We also created a micro-site for people to enter the competition and learn about the cause including an interactive seafarers quiz and a journey of goods map which educated users about the journeys everyday goods make by sea. Within the first 24 hours, 500 competition entries had generated the same volume of brand new GDPR compliant entries in Sailors' Society's database. The campaign ran for two weeks and generated over 3500 entries. Of the web hits, we saw an 80% conversion rate of people going on to enter the competition.

Sailors' Society 90 Percent
Sailors' Society 90 Percent

It was great to work on this successful campaign with Sailors’ Society, what really worked well was the trust and creative freedom which Sailors’ Society gave us to make this campaign work. They came to us with one goal of building a GDPR compliant database and that the theme for the campaign would be centred around 90% of all our goods coming by sea and that was it. From then on we had the freedom to push the idea where we wanted in order to achieve the end goal. We did this by engaging with users in a variety of ways throughout: by educating them, creating an interactive game, giving away prizes and creating awareness of the issues which seafarers face.

Sailors’ Society were really receptive to our suggestions and listened to our reasoning for the decisions with the target audience and end goal always at the forefront of our thinking. This allowed the entire campaign process to run extremely smoothly from start to finish and achieve the results they set out at the start.

Social Media Campaign

We created and managed a social media campaign to coincide with the launch and running of the 90% campaign. We created a wide range of assets created for the purpose of directing traffic to the micro site with the primary objective of getting people to enter the competition so that Sailors’ Society could grow their GDPR compliant database. We created a variety of graphics for all social media channels including mp4 videos, gifs and still images that provided us with a healthy content library which enabled us to consistently roll out fresh engaging content throughout the campaign.

Given the task of running a social media campaign over a month it was imperative for us to create a social media campaign that was continuously engaging and provided our audiences with fresh content that kept them engaged with the campaign throughout its duration and grew audiences at a fast pace to help reach the objective of capturing data. Through a large variety of assets that were not only informative and eye catching but ultimately worked to drive traffic to the site and achieve conversions we were able to execute a campaign which built engaged audiences and pushed them to the website which ultimately resulted in a large number of successful conversions Harley, Lead Designer
Sailors' Society 90 Percent


Visitors to the microsite were largely new to the Sailors' Society. Landing pages needed to have immediate impact with the focus being very much on the campaign rather than the charity as a whole – this awareness came later. The dev team therefore focused strongly on performance, making sure each page loaded as quickly as possible, while maintaining the rich visual aspects of the site. The site uses a great video clip on the home page that needed to be served as efficiently as possible to ensure it loaded on slower connections.

We coded a lot of interactive elements on the microsite including a quiz, 90% facts carousels, and an interactive map showing the journey some of the goods we take for granted go on to arrive in our stores. Together, these elements enhanced the user experience and delivered a highly engaging campaign that generated the results the charity needed.

The microsite combined animation, a seafarers quiz, a dynamic world map and pulled in sweepstake functionality which was optimised to promote sharing by entrants. This led to a huge increase in the audience of the competition beyond the organic social media reach. Chris Todhunter - Technical Director

The Impact.


Competition entries

Competition entries


Conversion rate

Conversion rate


Happy competition winners

Happy competition winners

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