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From the initial pitch, the Studio Republic team were able to give us a clear idea of how a new responsive website would look in line with Sailors’ Society’s vision for a site that would have a better flowing user journey. The training in MODX has been comprehensive as has the support during the testing stages. Any time I have had a query about the site, or the content management system, the team have been at the end of the phone to help and that’s incredibly reassuring when creating a brand new website. The feedback about the new look has been incredibly positive and having a streamlined site, which is visually engaging and easy to navigate is a real boost.
James Leslie, Media & Communications Officer, Sailors’ Society

1. The Charity

Since starting to work with Sailors’ Society a few years ago we have transformed not just their online presence but the way they reach out and connect with people. Our campaign work with them has been to highlight the struggles that seafarers deal with, and through, this increase engagement and raise awareness of the good work that Sailors’ Society are doing every day.

2. 90 Percent

Did you know that 90% of all our goods consumed in Britain are shipped from faraway countries? That was the concept behind our recent campaign for Sailors’ Society. They wanted to tell people about this 90% fact in an effort to raise awareness of the amount that we as a society rely on seafarers and people who work in that industry.

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3. 200 Years

In 2018 they they’ve been helping seafarers and their families for 200 years, so of course they wanted to do something special for it. Check out our immersive journey through their history.

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4. Sea Sunday

Sea Sunday was a campaign to encourage engagement with Sailors’ Society through peoples christian communities, with a build up to a specific date when people would be speaking about Seafarers and Sailors’ Society in their local churches.

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