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Studio Republic take a problem solving first approach, which has been refreshing. Working back from a 'what problem are we trying to solve here?' position has enabled us to deliver ismybillfair as a credible, marketplace-ready consumer service.

Graham Barrett, Founder and CTO

The Problem

ismybillfair came to Studio Republic with a new business that was set to disrupt the price comparison market. There is significant price disparity for UK customers of utility and service providers, from energy to broadband. The founders see this unfairness and want to challenge it, supporting people to remain with their providers and still get the fairest price. Transparency strikes at the heart of sustainability, so we couldn’t wait to get our teeth into this project. Our task was to brand the business (which only had a working title at the time) and build the UK’s first price transparency site, offering users the opportunity to stay with their providers for a better deal.

“The most testing element of this project has been in the build. Design wise, the biggest challenge was to craft straightforward user journeys that people would complete. We ran an extensive user experience workshop to define and simplify journeys. The look and feel had to reflect the core values of ismybillfair through clarity, simplicity, and transparency.” Chris, Digital Director

The Solution

Like us, ismybillfair believe in fairness – it’s their whole ethos. Fairness was what gave them the idea for in the first place. Their user-data driven site lets people put in the details of different services and utilities to compare them to what other people are paying for the same service. If they’re not happy with the results, ismybillfair will challenge their current provider to give them a fairer deal.


ismybillfair’s reason for being was apparent from the outset of the project. “ismybillfair is about fairness. Helping people like you pay a fairer price for household bills without having to change provider.” We applied elements of visual branding before ismybillfair had its name and logo which highlights what we mean when we say that your brand is much more than your logo.


Logo & Icon Design

The priceometer came before the name for ismybillfair. The functioning device is fundamental to the user experience on the site. The priceometer uses colour and styling to deliver a clear message to customers and potential users of ismybillfair. It inspires confidence while implying, in its static form, that there is a question to be answered by ismybillfair.

The Priceometer

Vanilla Catering and Events are proud members of Hampshire Fare, working with a select group of independent local suppliers to bring sustainable food and high levels of service to their clients. Their relationship with these local suppliers is important to their clients, and important to them as a business. They asked us to create an illustrated map to proudly display local suppliers they’re collaborating with. We created an A3 map of Hampshire, featuring iconic local landmarks as well as current suppliers to Vanilla Catering and Events. The map can easily be scaled to fit a variety of different mediums.

“We wanted to contrast their usual photographic style and create an illustrative map, whilst still maintaining that element of professionalism and luxury. It was great to be able to visualise the supply chain as it really reinforced Vanilla Catering’s support for local, ethical businesses.” Halina, Designer


As a transparency site, ismybillfair is dependent on site users entering their current services and charges into the site. Reliance on user data makes the user journeys imperative from both the data capture and data delivery perspectives. Site users want to know quickly and easily if they’re paying a fair price for utilities and services so the experience must be intuitive and seamless across all devices and platforms.

“Being in a position to run multi-variant testing and monitor behaviour throughout the site enables us to ensure that we’re adjusting and refining journeys in accordance with how people are interacting on ismybillfair. Through changes made as a result of testing and monitoring, we’re able to increase conversion rates.” Dan, Digital Strategist


It was clear from the outset that this project was right up our street in terms of ethics. ismybillfair will never charge the customer to use the service, instead charging providers to access the data to supply their own customers with a fairer price to stay with them. The data was the development challenge for the build of the site.

“When developing ismybillfair we were faced with the problem of creating a system from scratch that could handle an incredible amount of data, collate it into meaningful user-friendly output and be agile enough to adapt to future requirements as well. We worked closely with the client every step of the way to produce a system that met their vision and would also help the end users save money.” Rob, Developer


The whole aim of this project was for Vanilla Catering and Events to reposition themselves as a luxury catering and events brand and for them to break into the high-end market to reach higher end clientele. A large part of our job was to offer brand and marketing strategy advice that would support their journey towards achieveing this success. Although Vanilla Catering and Events' were active on Twitter and Facebook, they didn't have any other social media presence and, as a luxury catering and events company with a gallery of exquisite food photography, we made suggestions to them to expand their social media presence to include Instagram, too.

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Print Design

Although this project was predominantly digital, there were a variety of offline aspects we needed to create. It was important that the information was displayed in a clear, concise and informative way that could be easily registered and digested by passers by. We created eye catching and informative adverts to increase brand awareness, alongside corporate Investment Summary brochures to help source investment.



As part of the business strategy, the client needed a follow up email to be designed to ensure the site users were receiving the best service available. The simple design allowed for customers to let ismybillfair know whether or not their price enquiry had been followed up by their provider. If not, the email took the user directly to a switching option to ensure they received the best service for the best price.


"It was great to build a robust and well-tested piece of software and a strong brand to carry ismybillfair to household name status. With major press coverage lined up, it was definitely ready for the big time." Chris Todhunter

The Impact.


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Bills Compared


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