The Challenge

The team from ismybillfair came to the Republic with an exciting new business idea that would disrupt the price comparison market for good. For context, there is a significant price disparity between what UK customers pay for their utility bills, from energy to broadband, with vulnerable customers often getting the worst deal. The founders identified this unfairness and set-out to challenge it by empowering people to get the fairest price with their providers. Our goal was to brand the business and build the UK’s first price transparency website, enabling users to challenge their providers for a better deal.


The Partnership

Like us, ismybillfair believe in fairness – it’s their whole ethos. Fairness was what gave them the idea for in the first place. Their user-data driven site let people put in the details of different services and utilities to compare them to what other people pay for exactly the same service. If they’re not happy with the results, ismybillfair will challenge their current provider on their behalf to get them a fairer deal.

When developing the site, we were faced with the challenge of creating a system from scratch that could handle an enormous amount of data, collate it into a meaningful user-friendly output and be agile enough to adapt to future requirements. We worked closely with the client to produce a system that met their vision and helped users to save money. The ‘priceometer’ device at the heart of the business idea is fundamental to the user experience and uses colour and styling to deliver a clear message to customers, inspiring confidence.

As a transparency site, the website was dependent on users entering-in their services and charges to gather a data pool against which other users could compare their bills. This reliance on user data made the user journeys imperative from both the data capture and data delivery perspectives. Site users needed to find out if they were paying a fair price quickly and easily so the experience had to be intuitive and seamless regardless of the device used. Being in a position run multi-variant testing and monitor behaviour throughout the site enabled us to adjust and refine journeys in-line with how people were interacting with ismybillfair. Through changes made as a result of testing, we were able to increase conversion rates.


As part of the strategy, the client needed to send follow-up emails to site users detailing whether or not they were receiving the best service available. Our simple design allowed customers to tell ismybillfair whether or not their price enquiry had been followed-up by their provider. If not, the email took the user directly to a switching option to ensure they received the best service for the best price.

Although this project was predominantly digital, we also created a variety of advertising elements Above all, it was essential that the information we displayed was in a clear and concise format that could be easily digested by passers by. To aid awareness we created eye-catching adverts and created Corporate Investment Summary brochures to support the team as they sourced investment.

The Positive Impact.


Bills Compared

Bills Compared


Page views

Page views


Views in one day

Views in one day

Studio Republic take a problem solving first approach, which has been refreshing. Working back from a 'what problem are we trying to solve here?' position has enabled us to deliver ismybillfair as a credible, marketplace-ready consumer service.

Graham Barrett, Founder and CTO

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