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The Problem

When Sailors’ Society approached us about partnering with them on the development of a coffee brand that would responsibly source coffee from parts of the world that they’re working in, we jumped at the opportunity. BySea is an ethically sourced, socially responsible coffee brand. They pride themselves on giving back to the communities that help provide their coffee. All their farmers, staff and their families receive medical care, education and training, they also ensure the land is responsibly farmed and remains sustainable. As well as this, 100% of BySea profits are donated to charity.


The Solution

We were involved from the start, assisting with the naming of the product and producing the brand identity. The branding has underpinned the development of an e-commerce site which manages individual and corporate coffee sales. By Sea currently delivers around £500 in monthly sales through the site, in addition to enabling a direct supply partnership with Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, as well as a product partnership with The National Museum of the Royal Navy’s HMS Victory. We’re anticipating seeing high-profile supply partnerships increasing as By Sea gains traction and recognition in the ethical coffee market.


One of the main considerations when creating the visual brand was that the logo needed to be robust enough to work across many platforms, and in all sizes; web, social, packaging, on the side of a moving car – it all had to be considered.


Logo & Icon Design

The BySea logo which we created is strong and bold and most importantly maintains these properties when scaled. It is used on a variety of mediums from packaging to small social graphics so it is important that it is always recognisable. We chose the font ‘Lobster’ for the logo as its curves reflect the waves of the sea and by reducing the space between each of the letters we were able to create a solid marque that has a real energy and flow to it which reflects the nature of the sea and in doing so the brand itself. The main blue which we used gives reference to the sea and BySea’s association with Sailors’ Society and also really stands out as fresh and vibrant.


BySea needed an e-commerce system that was easy to use for both customers and office staff and embraced the brand we had created.

We wanted to provide a site that would allow staff to add new products, change prices and upload new product images as they needed to. We decided to build a WooCommerce website, with a bespoke theme that was carefully tailored to match the BySea brand.

With pages for monthly coffee subscriptions, individual coffee purchases, and bulk and trade shopping, the site offers shoppers a range of products in an easy-to-use layout. The admin area of the site allows BySea staff to view purchases live, view profits and dispatch notices, and export customer details for packing and dispatch.


Livery Design

Alongside the website we’ve worked on a range of print items for BySea, including various leaflets, adverts, signage for their shop, and some vehicle livery for the BySea Land Rover that travels around various corporate events and festivals. Together with our trusted print partners, we can design and print on almost any surface.



We also created the safe and secure BySea e-commerce site for them to be able to sell their coffee through. Built on the WooCommerce platform, the site is fully controlled by the client; they can add or remove products anytime they like and sell physical packs of coffee or online subscriptions.

Due to being built on the proven WooCommerce engine the site is flexible, agile, cost-effective and has solid security for both users and owners. Rob, Developer

Design for Print

We have created a variety of printed assets for BySea including promotional vouchers, flyers, banners, mugs, mailers and more. Having the design capability in house to produce these wide range of assets ensure that quality and consistency is present across every piece of BySea branded material.

“It is great to be able to apply the BySea brand across a wide variety of deliverables, it is always great to see a brand which you have created rendered onto the side of a Land Rover for example. We love trying new things and applying our design skills to different projects so please get in touch if you have any project that needs designing we are always up for a challenge.” Harley, Lead Designer

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