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1. The Brief

BySea is an ethically sourced, socially responsible coffee brand. They pride themselves on giving back to the communities that help provide their coffee. All their farmers, staff and their families receive medical care, education and training, they also ensure the land is responsibly farmed and remains sustainable. As well as this, 100% of BySea profits are donated to charity.

2. How We've Helped

We were involved from the start, assisting with the naming of the product and producing the brand identity. One of the main things we needed to consider when creating the brand was that the logo needed to be robust enough to work across many platforms; web, social, packaging, large and tiny, black and white, on the side of a moving car – it all had to be considered.

We love creating brands and identity schemes from scratch, read more about our process.

3. Ecommerce

Alongside the brand, we’ve also created the safe and secure BySea e-commerce site for them to be able to sell their coffee through. Built on the WooCommerce platform, the site is fully controlled by the client; they can add or remove products anytime they like and sell physical packs of coffee or online subscriptions.

4. Physical Design

Alongside the website we’ve worked on a range of print items for BySea, including various leaflets, adverts, signage for their shop, and some vehicle livery for the BySea Land Rover that travels around various corporate events and festivals.

Together with our trusted print partners, we can design and print on almost any surface, read about our design for print skills.

Identity & Website Case Study BySea Coffee | Studio Republic

3. SR Impact

Identity & Website Case Study BySea Coffee | Studio Republic

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