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Our development team

Studio Republic was born from a love of building websites, and this remains at our core. Our developers are full stack, so they embrace the front end (the pretty bit) as much as the back end (the complicated, server code). Design and development work closely together during our web projects, and they challenge each other to push the boundaries and embrace the latest design and code techniques.

We have completed a huge variety of work since our humble beginnings as a freelance developer; from single page websites to full digital transformation projects and everything in between. Our devs are as passionate about the look and feel as our designers and every site is hand crafted to work beautifully across any platform.

Vanilla Catering & Events
ismybillfair price comparison website

Our technology stack

We are advocates and contributors to Open Source projects Laravel and MODX. Our developers are truly full-stack, equally at home with front and back-end code. Server-side, we use a LEMP stack (Linux, NGINX, MySQL and PHP). On the front-end, the team has top notch HTML, JS & CSS skills and can create rich, interactive web and native apps using frameworks such as Vue and React.

Our code is version-controlled with local, dev and live environments, allowing multiple developers to collaborate on the same code at the same time. This also allows for any bugs to be identified and fixed quickly and efficiently. Websites are tested using a full suite of real devices in the studio and in the cloud.

We also partner with UKFast - the UK's largest independently-owned hosting provider. Their datacenter is based in Manchester and, as well as being blazingly fast and very secure, it is 100% carbon neutral.

BySea ecommerce website

Our pet platforms

For most of the websites we build, our go-to content management system is MODX. MODX is secure, fast, easy-to-use and gives our team huge freedom as digital creators to make rich, engaging online experiences.

More complex software development projects invariably involve Laravel, either in isolation or combined with MODX. Laravel is an amazing PHP framework that allows our development team to build highly complicated solutions for our clients. Think of it as a toolbox full of specialist kit, allowing a craftsman to create whatever's in their imagination without worrying about whether they have the right tool for the job. Laravel is the toolbox - full of specialist, modular parts of reusable functionality we use that enables us to focus on delivering brilliant work for our clients.

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Step By Step bespoke donation page

Donation platforms

Working with charities has given us the opportunity to create bespoke donation pages. These keep visitors on-site and create a seamless experience throughout the donation funnel. Combined with A/B split testing and constant monitoring, we are able to fine tune the donation process, ensuring great conversion rates.

Combined with our expert knowledge managing Google Ad Grants ($10,000 of in-kind advertising available to non-profits), we can also increase traffic to your most engaging landing pages, each with a tailored 'ask', leading users towards making a donation.

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Our experience doesn't stop there...

For those who need or especially want it, we also build and support WordPress websites and have built a range of ecommerce websites in WooCommerce. For larger scale ecommerce websites, we turn to the daddy of online shopping platforms - Magento.

In the age of the REST API, every site we build is connected to at least one other system - CRMs (like SalesForce), payment providers (Stripe and PayPal for example), SMS and email notification platforms (Twilio and MailChimp).

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