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Digital Design, Print, Branding and Artwork

Sustainable creative services

Our strategy and creative teams know how to get underneath the skin of an organisation's brand and take it to new heights.

We'll work with you to help better celebrate your uniqueness and ethos.

Whether it’s the right time for a brand repositioning exercise, or you want to improve your website’s UX in order to increase charity donations - we’ve got you.

Vanilla Catering & Events
Digital Design, Print, Branding and Artwork

Digital and web design

Extensive experience has taught us that the most effective way to achieve ambitions through creativity is by bringing the vision of each client into the five key design principles: balance, rhythm & repetition, emphasis, proportion & scale, and harmony.

In 16 years, our team has designed bespoke websites, apps, campaigns and more. We collaborate with clients from naming through to User Experience (UX) design, development and extensive user testing.

Our user-focused approach ensures our work is accessible to all ages and abilities, as we dedicate ourselves to digital inclusivity.

Digital Design, Print, Branding and Artwork

Print design

While digital design remains our bread and butter, we’re proud to have built a reputation for highly-celebrated print projects as well.

We are connected with the highest quality ethical printers and publishers and user test our print design, ensuring that neither our ethics nor your branding are compromised. Our team act as both designers and consultants for you in order to find the best options, from stock types and printing techniques, to newly available printing technologies.

Designing for both online and offline channels has given us the knowhow to fully integrate campaigns and make them memorable.

Vanilla Catering & Events

UX optimisation

Effective User Experience (UX) is the key to maximising your audience’s satisfaction and loyalty which is why we’re so passionate about analysing and optimising the UX of each project.

While UX is researched, tested and monitored throughout our design, we continue to study usability and engagement throughout the life of each creation. As our psychological interpretation evolves with cultural, technology and economic shifts, we adapt our designs to match.

UX doesn’t sleep, so we're the constant drip feed, keeping it excelling day-in, day-out.


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