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Sustainable Branding and Digital Marketing Agency

Together we’ll build a brand that delivers.

Before you concern yourself with what shade of orange your logo should be, or whether you need pop-up banners and brochures as well as a website, we help you to take a step back and see the bigger picture. We’ll work with you to scope your brand, refine your identity, and implement this through a bespoke marketing plan.

Sustainable Branding and Digital Marketing Agency


During the scoping stage, we listen to your values, your business priorities, and your ambitions for the future. We help you to question and understand who you are, and most importantly why you are (or who you exist for).

Identity Development

Identity development puts all of the work conducted in the vision stage into action. We conduct research and analysis to move forward. We ensure that your look and voice reflect your reason for being, and appeal to your target audience.

Application and Marketing

Brand strategy is a journey. It’s in the Thrive phase that we help you to apply your brand identity throughout your marketing communications – from website to tweet, and social ads through to print design.

Sustainable Branding and Digital Marketing Agency

Phase One: Brand Scoping

Our initial scoping session helps us and you to get a clear perspective on your business priorities, the people you exist for, and the issues that most affect your company or charity. We will work together to define your business goals, and begin to understand how far you intend your brand to be embedded in your business. During this stage you’ll be asked a lot of questions, and we’ll be doing a lot of listening … two ears, one mouth.

We conduct industry research and competitor analysis to support the identity development phase, ensuring that we’re helping you to communicate with your audiences in a way that is uniquely you.


  • Scoping workshop session
  • Timeline planning with key milestones agreed
  • Industry research and competitor analysis
  • Strategic recommendations based on workshop session and initial research
Sustainable Branding and Digital Marketing Agency

Phase Two: Brand Identity Development

The second phase of your brand strategy journey will differ dependending on whether you’re branding, re-branding, or undertaking a brand review. This phase is the identity development stage, where we apply our research to creating or reinvigorating your brand. You’ll be presented with options as to how you might progress your visual or verbal identity, and we’ll be working closely to refine your preferred route so that you’re moving forward with an identity that fits like a glove.

Deliverables may include (depending on requirements):

  • Report on outcomes from a brand audit
  • Visual brand route options (and presentation)
  • Visual brand application concepts (and presentation for stakeholders)
  • Tone of voice guidance and recommendations
  • Tone of voice application to multimedia communications
  • Visual brand guidelines
  • Full brand guidelines (to include communications styles for written / broadcast content)

Sustainable Branding and Digital Marketing Agency

Phase Three: Brand Application and Marketing

Brand strategy isn’t about choosing the right typeface and logo mark; it’s a marketing commitment, a strategic journey. As part of our brand strategy offering, we provide a variety of ongoing options that pull together our creative digital agency services in a way that enables your business or charity to thrive.

Through our Thrive packages we work with you to showcase your new or refined brand as a business tool. We will help you to develop your marketing plan and empower you to deliver against this plan, making our expertise available to you where necessary. Thrive is the stage where you start to think of us as an extension of your team, a trustworthy partner on your journey to success.

Deliverables can include (depending on requirements):

  • Quarterly planning
  • Content marketing recommendations and delivery
  • Content production (copy, photography, video)
  • SEO and PPC (including Google Ads Grant) management
  • Social media asset design and production
  • Digital and offline campaign planning, development and delivery
  • Print collateral design
  • Monthly reporting on outputs and outcomes

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