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1. Consultation

We start by spending some time with you: getting to know you, listening to what you want to achieve and identifying the best way to create a website that can support your business goals. Part of this stage is to develop a plan for the project to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

2. Research

Research is a vital part of any project we undertake. It's our job to try to get to know your business and industry as well as you do. We don't just look at your industry though. Parallels and possible design solutions can be inspired by many different areas. Design research is an ongoing process for us as well, to help us ensure creative solutions and industry best practice are always achieved.

3. Plan

We plan how the website will work and how users will navigate it in addition to planning the project itself to ensure everything runs smoothly. We don't like to leave anything to chance. We find the best projects are the ones where everyone involved knows exactly what they need to do and when.

4. Wireframe

Wireframing is the first stage where the design will start to come to life. In this stage, we put together a functional blueprint of the content and overall structure of the site so we can work out how it's best for the user to navigate and find what they need from your site.

5. Design

This is probably the period that's the easiest to identify with. You will start to see things take shape in your brand colours and with imagery that you recognise. We use the tried and tested templates and structure developed in the wireframe stage as a starting point, and add a suitable interface over the top.

6. Present

We like to have presentation and contact points throughout the project as well as the usual day to day communication. Maintaining close contact is something that keeps a project running smoothly. We have a couple of main presentation points where we get all relevant parties together, so nobody's out of the loop.

7. Build

Once you're happy with the design of the site, we start the build process. We'll be in contact with you throughout this part of the process, as there's plenty for you to be getting on with. As the site progresses and starts getting integrated with MODX – our preferred content management system – we'll work with you to gather all the content required.

8. Test

Testing begins before the design stage even starts by getting real user feedback on the wireframes. Automated and in-person feedback to design and functionality gives great insight into the effectiveness of layout and functionality. We test at several points during a web project. We also undertake rigorous cross-platform browser testing on a wide range of devices to ensure the site will look great and work perfectly.

9. Launch

Having a brand new website is all well and good, but if no one knows about it then all that effort will go to waste. Planning the launch is vital. Whether the launch involves an email informing your clients, a campaign to boost traffic and sign-ups, or trying to gain press coverage – it needs careful consideration and planning. Post-launch, we're always on hand to provide support and updates during the early days of your site.

1. Consultation

We start by spending time with you, identifying what you want to achieve and planning a campaign that can best achieve these goals. A big part of this stage is to develop a time plan for the project to make sure everything runs smoothly. The best projects are the ones where everyone involved knows exactly what they need to do, and when. 

2. Research

Research is a vital part of any project we undertake – we try to get to know your business and industry as well as you do. The best way to target your desired audience has many dependent factors, it's our job to find out the best way to engage them. 

3. Creative

When we've identified who it is we need to target and how, the creative team can then start work on the fun bit. We work up some potential ideas and solutions as scamps that quickly and succinctly explain the creative routes. We meet with you during this process to ensure we're on the right path.

4. Artwork

Once the creative route has been chosen, we get to work on fleshing out the designs and rolling out the artwork across all the agreed media channels. Whether it's a digital-led campaign that needs a full range of social media posts, or a print-based campaign using traditional media, we make sure the message is communicated well.

5. Communication

The key to a strong campaign is good communication throughout; regular contact keeps everything running smoothly with no nasty surprises. We have a couple of main meetings and presentation points during the process and we make sure you always have direct contact with the team working on your project.

6. Launch

In advance of launch day, we make certain that all elements are in place. We've been doing this long enough to know the potential pitfalls that can occur, so we make sure every box is ticked and nothing is left until the last minute.

7. Monitor & Encourage

We keep a close eye on the progress of digital campaigns every day. We use a variety of tools to measure engagement, and we use the insights provided by these tools to make adjustments to maximise the campaign's effectiveness. We keep you up to date with the progress of your campaign.

8. Report

After the dust has settled, we report on the effectiveness of your campaign with both the headline facts and figures and the in-depth information we have gathered for you.

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