Website Development

At Studio Republic we like to do things properly, we build websites and web apps from scratch, all day every day and have done for the past 14 years. We’ve gotten pretty good at it. Every website has a unique purpose and should be treated as such. We don’t like the build process to be shrouded in mystery and confusion for our clients, maybe you don’t understand the website build process too much but we can still keep you involved throughout this part of the website project.

Our website development experience includes:

  • Dynamic, user-targeted brochure websites
  • Database driven listings with multiple filters and search facilities
  • Ecommerce: Magento, OpenCart, Woo Commerce and bespoke builds
  • User registration with private member only areas
  • Highly customised CMS websites using MODX and WordPress websites

Website Page Load Speeds

A factor which Google pays great attention to is page load speed. With the advancement of mobile technology, It’s vital that information displays as quickly as possible, users have less time and expect better performance than ever. Studies have shown that over 50% of users leave a mobile site after 3 seconds if the content hasn’t loaded. So, there’s never been a more important time to make sure the performance of your site is up to scratch.

Web Development Services

There were 108 million brand new web users in India in 2016, which is equal to a third of the United States’ population, and 50% of these new users are on a 2G mobile network!

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages

Closely linked to page load speed is Google’s new project; AMP. You’ve probably already been using their ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’ for a while, next time you’re using Google on your mobile have a look for the lightning bolt next to the search results. Now they’re putting more emphasis on them in their search results, meaning that already, one the best ways to get your site to perform better in Google’s search results is to have AMP versions of your web pages.

So what exactly are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Google started the AMP project with the aim of providing a flawless experience for everyone using the mobile internet. AMP pages use the same content but are built independent of the rest of your site, with a slightly different code language that’s very quick to load, so Google can serve them up specifically to people viewing on a mobile connection.

Read our recent blog post to learn a bit more about AMP

Intellectual Property

Throughout the creative industry, a question which sometimes arises from clients is

Who owns the code we develop?

For all projects we undertake, once the bill has been paid, anything we have designed or developed for the website is yours.

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